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can your 2.5 year olds walk without getting too tired? My son is full of energy but we haven't really walked anywhere as such (apart from being in a pram) so i have no idea. Thanks
hey my sons 2.9 yrs and he has heaps of energy as well he hates sitting in the pram so most of time he walks we go to park or shops that are bout half hour or more away and he walks all the way but gets bit tired coming back so hops in pram

my dd walked 5km yesterday i didn't realise how far it was til i googled it this morning lol no wonder she slept 14 hrs last night lol
Walking always makes my kids tired in a way that playing doesn't! I dont think most toddlers can walk too far unless they are pretty distracted, eg walking around the supermarket is easier than walking along the pavement iykwim?

eli can walk for about 20minutes.
one time he walked all the way to to the train station and that was such a long walk, and he even pushed his stroller most of the way. lol
so the more we walk, the more he gets used to it.
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