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why do i feel so guilty? Lock Rss

ok well i been single for almost 2 months, and i had a awsome time on new yrs, i was with some girls and a couple of male friends (which i have never been able to have before) and i got a new years kiss from one and now i feel so guilty, they always say if u feel guilty u have done something wrong but i have no ties so why do i feel sick to my stomach??
maybe you are still inlove with your ex.. or maybe not inlove but some feelings are still there.. which is naturally he is the father of your child and its only been 2 months... i guess maybe your not ready yet?

Isn't that the worst feeling... guilt!

Do you actually like this guy? If you don't that could be why you are feeling so guilty. Or do you still have feelings for you ex? Again could explain it.

Are you sure that your not just worried because you don't know if you are ready to start a new relationship, and you are interpreting that worry to be guilt??

I would tell you not to feel guilty, but unfortunatly we have no say over our feelings, we just feel what we feel!!

I was going to say that too, maybe you just aren;t ready to move on yet??
Or maybe its just hard to change your state of mind from being a couple to being single, maybe your mind just hasn't made that adjustment?

Is it possible you feel guilty for being happy and moving on with your life? Because no matter what the circumstances of a break up, both sides are allowed to move on whenever they want, you don't have to 'punish' yourself for what happened. Big hugs sweetie
the kiss was only a happy new yr kiss it wasnt anything else kinda thing, but i feel really bad like i have done something wrong. i know i still love my ex we were together for 6 yrs i cant switch that off, and i know im not ready for a relationship and everyone knows that i have told em lol i just wanna have fun on my own find me again. still makes me feel bad though
oh and it was just a peck to wasnt like a snog or anything lol
Maybe your feeling guilty for actually going out and having fun for a change!! And you are just using the kiss as a reason to make yourself feel guilty??

try not to worry too much about it!!

Just keep telling yourself that you deserve to go out and have a bit of you!

Didn't your partner break up with you because you kissed another guy??

DId you feel this guilt then?? I would hope so
Lollibel me and my partner were basicly over before that, but yes i did feel guilty thats why i told him straight away, im not that kinda person i made one mistake, so please dont get that opinion of me.
Anyway... I say good on you for going out and having some fun, sounds like you needed it and deserved it!! And good on you for getting a NYE kiss (even if it was a peck!!)

Maybe you feel guilt because by kissing someone else it is confirming that you have closed the door on your old relationship. Before you did that in your subconcsious you may have thought there was still a chance with your old relationship - but moving on changes all of that - and therefore you feel guilt

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