I am so sick of poor customer service! I was in a queue at a local supermarket when the checkout operator put up her sign and she told me she was closed. I told her that i was already in the line before she put up the sign and so she served me. She was rude to the elderly gentleman who was in front of me. He was taking a little while to find his money - he looked pretty capable to me - just not quick enough for the girl who was serving him! She started telling him which notes he should give her - trying to speed him up, HOW RUDE! I'm sure he has being paying for groceries for more years than she has been alive - a little patience and inderstanding would go a long way! She served me grudgingly and snatched at an item that my dd was touching. There is absolutely no good reason for an operator to be so rude. If she needed to get off the register for an emergency she should have called her supervisor to take over - I really dont think there was any good reason for her rudeness