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Anyone looking for a good read "Twilight" Lock Rss


Well i've never really been a reader, however my 12 year old sister lent me the book "Twilight" and OMG i have turned into the biggest bookworm ever!!
Anyways it's a very good read...there is 3 other books in the series "New Moon" "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" I'm already up to Eclipse and i'm loving it...i feel like a 15 year old girl again...and i cant wait to see Twilight at the movies....just gotta get someone to babysit for me...
I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this series.

I bought Twilight about a month ago and havent yet started it....and ATM no point as the kids are on hols and I would probably get done for neglect through DOCS if I did start it.
Jac*Mai*Mia...Yeh you better wait till the kiddies are back at school to start...but TRUST it! it's great. I'm almost 29 and i'm inlove with one of the main characters...too funny!!!
But's very good.

Oh yes just finished the series!!! I have to say, it's addictive. I learned not to pick it up until both kids were asleep and everything was done, a few nights I stayed up past 1am reading, telling myself "one more page and I'll stop".

Yep yep yep I recommend it!
Tell me about it...Usually i'd be reading right now but i want to take more time reading it coz i dont want to finish...i honestly feel as though i'm a character in the book....think i've lost it over this damn book...just wondering if anyone has actually seen the movie...i've kinda been putting it off coz i'm worried that it wont be as good as the book and i dont want it to spoil the images and personalities i have for each character...
Is the series written by the same author?
can I asked who the author is please?
I totally agree! I've read all 4 books and can't believe Stephanie Meyer has been able to capture the teenage 'obsessive love' so perfectly.

The movie, however, is a total letdown. But really, I think it's a bit much to expect that this book could be captured in 90 minutes!!

I have heard the movie is not as good as the books - but isn't that always the way!?!?

I still wanna see it, though!!!
Yeah, my curious nature wouldn't have handled not seeing the movie, even if I'd heard it was crud.

Apparently the movie is OK if you haven't read the books, we just have higher expectations from knowing what is really going on in the characters heads - as you say, always the way!

I'm up to the beginning of 3rd book "Eclipse" and at Twilight i was loving the Edward character so much...but now i'm kinda twisted between him and Jacob...i'm confused and dont know who to side with or who i want Bella to be with...Edward is being a bit possessive with her and poor Jacob, he was the one there for guys that have read the books know what i'm talking about, i just dont want to give away too much...wouldnt want to spoil anything...
I read the last 150 odd pages of Breaking Dawn last night - I simply couldn't put it down.

I am afraid I have become slightly too involved in the series though - I have started to imagine what people would look like if they were vampires, and blood nearly makes me 'thirsty' lol Scary hey! (I can't believe I have admitted that lol)

But, I do have to say that I cannot believe that author has been able to write 4 huge volumes, and yet maintain such an awesome story line - the mix of fantasy/sci-fi and what could be everyday folk in an everyday town - and keep the reader entertain and intrigued still after the last page is read. Amazing.

If you haven't read it, do yourself a favour.

OMG my 14 year old can't get her head out of these books... she has almost finished the last book.... its driving me up the wall as she won't do her jobs however in saying this I might grab the series and start reading myself... LOL

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