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Moving House Sucks. Lock Rss

I'm over removalists, I'm over hotel rooms, I'm over cranky husbands, kids who won't sleep and using a washing machine you can wash two hankies in. Get me outta here!
At least we have free internet connection. LOL

Oh Katey i don't envy you at all!! Especially with two babies!

Right that's it, you fly back here and stay with us and then you fly back after Jon has moved everything into your new house LOL
i feel for you plus this heat is so stifling at least it is cooler where your moving than the western suburbs, we actually have a breeze coming off the bays today woohoo
Sooooooooo tempting Denae! I miss WA more than I thought I would.
Chantal, we got a house with air con. I aint living in the humidity again. I'm a Qlder born and bred and hate the heat! LOL.

we got air con too but the breeze is good when hanging out washing
Awwwwwww (((HUGS))) Honey. It will all be over soon Babe then you can settle into your new place and hopefully stay put for a while this time. smile] LOL

The only move I want to make from now on is back to Qld near Mummy and Daddy. I want my MUMMY! sad
Yes, I'm a grown woman who wants her Mummy, anyone want to pick a fight about it. Huh? HUH?!?!?!?! LOL

Not that i am making your issues small in any way shape or form, because i am sure i will be saying the same thing in a few months when i move.. but atm i am in a 1 bedroom flat, with a 2 year old and i am 33 weeks pregnant. i would kill to move hahaha

but like i said once i have this baby and wait to recover from my c section, i am going to be here posting the same "moving house is a pain in the ass" thread LOL

i truly feel for you moving in this heat though.. here in Canberra its death so i can't even imagine what its like in other more tropical places.

I'm in Canberra. Moving to Sydney. And considering the last move we did we lost almost all our possessions in a train accident, I'm justfied in my hating moving! This will be the second move in nine months too. Damn Defence Force!
I hate hate hate MOVING!

well you only have yourself and Jon to blame, if you listened to Cindy and i you would have stayed lol

is there is still time to change your mind?

Im with Marie on this one LOL


It will all be over soon though sweets ANd this time NOTHING will go wrong

Awww katey! You poor chook!!

When do you get here?
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