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am i the only one who locks all my windows and doors all day every day? i'll only open my windows a fraction and put the bolt back in to lock them in place. My front and back doors are always locked and so are my flyscreens (with key even though i have the metal screens). if i know i'll be in the room for awhile i'll fully open the windows but shut the again if i need to leave the room
We are the same all the windows are locked and we have the Crimsafe screens which are always locked.... Most of the time in this weather the doors are all shut to have the aircon running...

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I'm a shocker, I usually have the front door locked but I've been known to go and have a nap with the back door wide open. I've never felt unsafe or had a reason to feel I need to keep that house closed up all the time. Doesn't help that in summer this house is a heat trap and without at least windows (usually at least one door as well) open it turns into a bit of an oven.

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i used to be like that but then i found out the hard way living with 3 security guards, 5 guard dogs and alarmed house offered no security so im so picky with security now
Posted by: mahalia&jemma
i used to be like that but then i found out the hard way living with 3 security guards, 5 guard dogs and alarmed house offered no security so im so picky with security now

Wow, you'd think that'd be enough!

I'm not really great with security. A lot of the time I leave doors unlocked when I go out. Sometimes I leave them wide open by accident. We lock up of a night, but that's about it.
I only make sure the doors are locked so DS doesn't get out unsupervised - we have dogs so i lock the back as well - I trust my dogs just not worth the risk smile

I dont think about getting broken into I dont think I have anything worth taking smile
i thought that but it happened in broad daylight and i learnt if someone wants it bad enough they'll do whatever it takes
Um I am a shocker with security!
Doors and windows always open, back door rarely locked if I go out!

I lock up of a nighttime but thats about it, people have a fair hike up our driveway and the dog would let me know before they get 1/2way upand TBH where we live people would got for the sheds and machinary first.
When I was in my old house I had gone from living in a large town to hicksville (wear I still am) and I was used to being very secure, I locked myself out once and I went nextdoor for help and he said no worries I will take a flyscreen off and open a window, I said no their are dowel bars in every window, he looked at me like I had two heads!!! LOL People just don;t really lock up like that around here!
I'm shocking as well our windows are always open, I hardly ever close them DP is always telling me off for going out and not closing them!

We just went away on holidays for 2 weeks and I forgot to close the front door!!! Luck we have a big wooden gate and fence around the outside of our house!

I have everything locked day and night. Windows shut and locked. Though because we have window locks, I'd got really brave and left a few locked open a fraction. Until DS2 broke in through the "locked" bathroom window one day when he got home before us.
DF is the opposite. And often leaves cars unlocked too. Which resulted in his 1 day old mobile being stolen. But he still does it, and admits that his car has been gone through a few times since. But I get really wild when he leaves mine unlocked, which happens a few times a week.

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My window and doors are open 90% of the time. I cant stand living in a house that's all shut up. YUK!

Even in summer when the aircon is on all day as soon as it cools enough of i go to bed i open the house right up!

Rarely lock the back door even of a night.

I guess its something i have got off my mother. She and i both cant stand dark houses and people who don't open windows and doors.

I'm a real slacker. Doors and windows always open. I put the latch on the front security door if I have a sleep during the day. The only time I close the windows is if rain is coming in or we are on holidays. Like previous poster, I have to have the house light and airy.
I should be more careful though. A few years ago, thieves came in through our open french doors while we were asleep on the lounge (less than 4 feet away) and took our wallets and car keys, then stole the car. The first we knew of it was when the police knocked on the door at 4AM to tell us our car had been totalled.
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