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I was asked by a friend (more an aquaintance) if the cakes on my FB were made by me, and if I would ever do wedding cakes. Now I will start by saying I am not a pro like Mrs MM, nor do I really have any clue about anything wedding, but i sai that yesI would try at some stage. She asked if I would make one for her, so I agreed, but said I would only charge her what it cost me to make seeing as I was no pro.

Anyway she says great and proceeds to tell me the wedding is the 11th January 2009!!! You can guess how stressed out I was.

So today I have finished the cake ready for tomorrow and was wondering if you ladies would give me your HONEST opinion of whether someone handing you this cake for your wedding day would make you cry. It willcost her $50, so also do you think this is a fair price?

Thanks <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Mummy to one big little man!!

OMG thats excellent!!!!!!!

i would so pay for that!!!!
charge her more!!!
That is so beautiful smile you should make these for real! I think it is worth more than $50 it looks fab
I think it is stunning and at $50 she has herself a bargin. I hope that is the last time you will only charge $50. Well done on such a beautiful creation.

That looks wonderful!!
I'd definitely fork out at least $80 for that! lol (I'm a tighta$$)

Well done - what a great looking wedding cake - I'd be proud to have one like that at my wedding (only if it were chocolate! no fruit cake here!lol)
That is a great cake!!

i have no idea about pricing though
Thanks heaps, you have made me feel better! I am so stressed right now, I hope she likes it!!

Mummy to one big little man!!

It's beautiful, you've done a great job. I would be very happy with myself if I got it for only $50, what a bargain!

JennaLJ it is white mud cake with white chocolate fondant. No fruit cake here!

Mummy to one big little man!!

WOW! That looks fantastic!! You've done a really beautiful job, I think she'll be more than happy with it.

I think $50 is too cheap lol!

That looks awesome. We had a similar cake to that (more flowers though) and we forked out over $200 so I would'v been wrapped with the price. Good on you, looks great.

DEFINATLY a bargain we had very similar cake except ours had pillars dividing the levels and gold wedding rings instead of the flowers and we paid $280 !!!!

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