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Wow can't believe I'm back Lock Rss

Good morning,

Not sure if anyone remembers me but I do recognise a lot of names on recent posts hehe. I haven't been on this site for about 9 months now, but I'm back now. Hope everyone is doing well

Shelly xx

Welcome back...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Hey Shell,

Welcome back Mate smile]

Thanks ;0) hope yr having a nice day so far

Aww thanks Mel, how are ya doing hun? x

We are all good here thanks mate.

How are you and the family going?

Thats awesome, lovely little addition you have there ;0)

Ahhhh we are doing ok, last year was a rough year - split up with Hannah's dad in June so I'm a single mum now.....but I'm loving it now that im used to it

Awwww thanks Shell we are very happy smile]

I am so sorry to hear you split up with Hannah's dad big hugs to you xxx
Glad to hear you are going well smile]

Awww yr welcome, I'm so happy for guys

Thanks hun, it wasn't so much fun but it needed to be done. I think we are all better off in the situation we are in now. Only thing left to do is sell the house which we are in process of putting on the market. Fun stuff haha xx

Sorry i dissapeared before mate.
Argh the fun stuff of selling the house.Hope it all goes well for you.
Sounds like yourself and Hannah are doing well now.
Well i have to go so hopefully we can catch up later.
Take care mate.
Love Mel xxx

welcome back!
Welcome back smile
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