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40th birthday party Q! is this tacky? Lock Rss

morning everyone,ok its me & my hubbys 40th this yr sao we are having a combines party in easter,and since we were both born 1969,thought be great idea do woodstock,hippie theme.question is re with the food(dont want spend huge money as we planning trip away in july when its his actual bday,mine is good fri)so thought since with all costs of decorating etc hoping bout 50-60people come wlfd lots crackers cheese platters,cupcakes light snacks then for later(party starts 3pm) wld just do a huge sausage sizzle with buns an bread,an chick kebabs an maybe rissoles,does that sound cheap,we thought it wld be easy to cook an not much mess as we acn do on bbque.wat u think if u went to a big party an was served up that fortea,also making it byo,but going to really dressit up 60s style.any other suggestions food etc wld be great,also having big bday cake.have lots ideas for decorating etc but love more,also does anyone know how to make own invitations,as i cant find hippie party invites anywher looked all over th net.thx everyone look fwd to yr reolies have great

shell 4yr old & 16mth

I think its fine. You could look up some retro finger foods and have those as well like those prune wrapped bacon things (i think) there are alot of neew twists on these foods around at the moment

I think your idea is great. Cheap and filling is very do able.
I would skip the chicken kebabs though as they are fairly expensive.
I would just do sausages and rissoles with bbq onion with buns and bread. like a big sausage sizzle.

and for snacks i would do a few cheese/cabanossi/cracker and dip platters or even cheaper would be CC's and salsa and ritz and dip and skip the cabanossi/cheese.
have a great night

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

aaahhh, all the 69 babies coming out of the woodwork My DH is also 40 this year..yikes!!
I think you have it sorted, you know , people are happy with nibblies while they have a few drinks, and the BBQ is exactly what everyone will love, by the time they have all had a few drinks, there is nothing better than a sausage with onion on mmm, this pleases everyone i think, I would maybe cut up some chicken fillets into strips and marinade them overnite with honey soy sauce and a bit of sweet chilli sauce and throw them on the barbie as well, easy and delicious.. i am stumped as what to do for my DH birthday.!! its in november so a few months to think about it yet..
thx ladies makes me feel happier,my hubby works away alot so know will be all up to me to organise so wanted make simple as possible.and its only 3 mths away cant wait though already have a really cool hippie outfit jst gotta get one for hubby 6yrold son an 3yr old daughter cant wait dress her up.jst as well my hubby a great drawer will hit him up to do my groovy pictures before he flys out nxt monday .any more ideas love to hear them .ok take care shell.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

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