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100km/hr, 6 kids, no seatbelts Lock Rss

This woman is an idiot! W T F was she thinking...
four children, aged five, four, three and nine months, allegedly unrestrained in the back seat.
The two children standing in the front seat were aged six and two.

Stupid woman
More than stupid she doesnt deserve to have them at all..
Likes it says 'when will people ever learn'

BTW if some of them weren't her children - what right does she have to have them in the car unrestrained I would loose my head if someone taking care of my children did that.

Some people are so stupid it is beyond me how they can breath and walk at the same time.
Another example of someone who should not be breeding!
Bloody hell.. She has no friggin idea..

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

I really hope she gets some Jail time for that and not just slapped on the hand with a fine.

I agree some people just should not be able to have children. She is definately one of those people.


How could she?

Thank heavens she was caught before anything horrible happened!

She needs to have her children taken from her.

Posted by: Rach311
Bloody hell.. She has no friggin idea..

Totally agree rach


Don't even start me on this today...

What a tool..
Can someone really be that stupid??
i dont know what to say... i really dont...
The thought of losing one of my children scares me EVERYDAY! Because it happens... And after losing my brother when he was 10 months old it is close to home.
To see this stupid STUPID woman putting any child at risk like that... As said abouve there are NO words!!!

I was disgusted when I saw read this! Then they showed her on the news sobbing and saying she was a good parent! But when they turned up at her house she wasn't of her kids was walking around on the roof and one just in a nappy was jumping on a BBQ! She didn't turn up for another 1.5 hrs!
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