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My dh had applied to the QLD police force. Well we received an email today saying that everything was cool BUT he has to go and do a justice course. Now we have already paid UMMM about $1000 with medical tests and specialist reports and such. I really can't believe this I am a tad in shock. He is a qualified chief and has done a dipolma in food so I dont see why he has been knocked back.

Anyway I understand that it is their right and that they want the best but i am just disappointed for my dh.

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Hi, Im not really up with QLD police. But my brother is hoping to join up. He had to do a course to begin with... maybe this is what your dh has to do??
I'm sorry about the bad news! Do you think he will go and do the justice course? maybe he was perfect for the police force but just lacked knowledge in the law/justice area and once he has some then he will be accepted?

Good luck xoxo

yeah I do believe so. My dh is just pissed that he asked and they said he didn't need to.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

Yeah, he must of been speaking to the wrong person. When my brother chatted to them they told him that was one of the things that had to be done prior to the academy. Its not a knock back it will just set your plans back a few months. Try not to be disappointed
thats their creative way of making more money, telling him at this stage he needs to do something else, goodluck hope he makes it in

Yeah. Thanks

I just suppose when you speak to them and you get excited about things you go WOW. than when you get the undesired result it felt horrid.

But hey we will look at him doing something else if this doesn't work out he will ring in the morning and see what exactly he needs to do.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

aww chin up, I can hear how disappointed you are. I hope it all works out for you
Hi there, I too have been knocked backed from the QLD police. I found it really devastating at the time but I moved into studying social work at uni which has suited me better. You are right, he has finished a Diploma so that means he is capable of completing tertiary study so really telling him to do the justice course is just blowing him off really. I had completed the Justice of Administration short course through QLD Tafe (a big money making scam if you ask me, for how much it costs and for the quality of the course) and even doing that doesn't guarantee you will get in. I went through the entire application process which took me about a year, medicals, fitness courses, fitness test, 2.4k run, bronze medallion, interviews and psychometrics and what it came down to was the intake I was in. The QLD police process the applications in intakes say maybe 50 people at a time. I found out on the day of my psychometric exam that the people in my intake had university degrees and managerial skills with years of experience. These are the types of skills that the police looks for these days, it has nothing to do with people skills, life experience or those whose personalities would make good officers. Like your husband I had a history of working in hospitality and it came down to the fact that my qualifications could not compete against these people. I know people who have applied in subsequent intakes with less qualifications than me, who are less committed (in my opinion)and they have gotten in, purely because they have been the best people in their intakes. This could explain why your husband did not get in this time. The police also knock back people to test how committed they are to joining. If your husband were to go away and do the course, (it doesn't necessarily have to be the justice couse either) and reapply, this professional development shows his commitment to acquring a position in the police. So chances are the next time he will definately get in! I hope my experience has offered you a bit of insight, tell your hubby to not give in! This is just a temporary setback. If he wants it bad enough he will get there!

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