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ok guys, i need help. i know what activities i can do with young toddlers and babies, but well, what do i do with a 3 and 6year old????

help, with a total of 5 kids, ill have to keep them amused somehow lol

Have you got/are you getting more kids again? You are always so busy!!!

The 6 yo we have loves playig with our 2yo dd and the two of them play families with their dolls, cars (provide plastic containers, tins, wood etc and they turn it into garages/ramps/etc.), cubby houses (use old sheets drapped over furniture). I have found they love using their imagination and like to play lots of make believe games with tea sets and things like that. They also love doing craft, painting, drawing, colouring, playing with playdoh and watching playschool DVDs!!! The park is also a great place to visit so they can all run around and burn off some energy (could be a bit hard if your by yourself tho keeping an eye on that many children!)

Have fun with all the kids!
yeah they wanted me to take them today, but i said no, and im taking them on monday.

i was a bit worried how i would pay for the school books etc, but its ok, the previous carer is buying them all for me on monday

thankfully!!! apparently i dont need to buy a thing for them

Thats nice of the other carer. Are these 2 coming to stay for a while then and not just for respite? Have you got another little baby/toddler as well then apart from your premmie and Nikkita? Geez your going to have your hands full. I dont know how you do it! I wish our agency would let us take more. We are only allowed to have children of the same sex in each room, and they must be from the same family and be close in age otherwise a single room each. Means we can only really have 2 children most of the time...mind u we have fun with 2 anyway, dont know how we'd go taking on much more than that!!! you are very brave smile
they from same family, its 3 coming (our remaining teen went back yesterday from respite)

i have one who turns 1 on wednesday (yes thats right, 2 days after she comes here)

a tiny 3 year old girl, and a 6 year old boy smile

apparently they great kids. i get to meet them in the morning.its very overwhelming lol

play doh
painting but use diff things for paint brushes (ie sponges, old kitchen utensils, sticks, leaves, fingers, string etc)
beads (for the 6 year old) are they boy/girls?
making biscuits
singing karaoke style
book theatre (where u read the book and every time u say one chacaters name one of the kids has to do something (ie the character is a dog so child has to bark etc)
chalk drawing on the concrete
cutting and pasting (write a shopping list and give a magazine for them to cut out the pictures. u cut out eyes noses and mouths adn have them make funny faces out of them)
make smoothes
ice milk arrowroot biscuits
make mini pizza muffins

I am shocked that you have kids older than yours with you for foster as my friend can only have younger kids than her own. Must be full on having different kids all the time.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

how old is the baby now? How old is Nikkita now?
so you'll have 1 under 1, 2 under 2, a 3yo and a 6yo?!?! Arrgghhh, that sounds so scary but kind of exciting! lol
You are going to be very busy, I can see why you are looking for some activities to keep them entertained. At least when the 6yo goes back to school things will get a little easier.
(I hope these kids sleep for you smile )
yes, these kids are very well behaved. and love to give and recieve lots of cuddles.

ages for everyone will be...


wont be so bad really. 2 days a week the 3yr old will be in a school program (special kindy) and the 6yo (only boy) will be in school 5 days a week. just a matter of keeping them active so they dont get bored.

sory took so long to reply, had to take a friend to hospital

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