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IUD'S Lock Rss

hi well just wondering if anyone else has had or got an iud? we are looking to get one put in after the birth of this baby if so have you had any problems with it? can you tell me abit about them? thanx
i have some information for you but it is too big to put here. please send me email at
[email protected]

i don't have one but have information on them
hi jennie well i sent you an e-mail but not sure if it sent if not you can contact me at [email protected] thanx very interested to hear what you know.
Hi Twinkletoes
just interested if you ended up getting the iud put in? I am getting one in next month(a mirena). Ive researched a lot, and found that it is a lot safer than it used to be. You could have a look at their website, its got lots of good information about
hi lovely lara well i havent got it in yet i am decideing wether to or not after i have my second baby which is due in december so wont get it put in till after then but i have spoke to my gp and my gynocologist and they have both suggested it and i think i will give it a go i would be very interested in knowing how you go when you get yours put in when are you planning to get it in? thanx nat.
Hi Nat

I am actually still waiting for my appointment at King Edward Hospital.(I am getting it put in under general anaesthetic). My doctor has advised this as it can be quite painful as they fully dilate your cervix with forceps.Ouch. I will post you when its all done and let you know of any side effects ive had. I think the mirena will suit me because it has hormone in it which is released everyday and most women stop getting their period altogether.YAY.
I will have to get regular ultrasounds and check ups because i have had an ectopic pregnancy before. I have been advised not to get it put in, but really see it as my only alternative as i cant take the pill because im only anti epileptic medication(the pill doesnt work with that medication) and god knows i dont want to be using condoms for ever.
I know this probably sounds pretty risky but i think ill be fine as long as i have the regular check ups.
Let you know anyway..
hi again well do they normally do it under general anaesthetic? or just do it at the clinic? well i am also getting one in cause the pill just dosent work for me and i dont wanna take the risk of falling pregnant again while taking the pill i have already had it happen twice so am looking for something abit more permament.
well when you have it put it i would be very interested in knowing how it is i would really appreciate it lots thanx seeya takecare nat.
i cant help you at all but what depovere or an implanon implant

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hey twinkletoes and anyone else who may be interested. My name is Nicola and I have had an IUD. I have 3 girls aged 13 years, 10 years and 7 mths. I had an IUD put in by my GP in the clinic. It took all of about 15 minutes, if that. It was very similar to having a pap smear, not pain, but discomfort. I didn't have problems with it until it had been in for about 8 years (the one I had was receommended to be changed every 3 - 5 years) oops. I eventually had it removed by a Gyno, and once agin it was in his rooms, again no real pain, a little maybe, more discomfort than anything. I was told after internal ultra sounds that I may have caused damage to my ovaries, due to the length of time it was in place and any infections it may have caused, and that I may not be able to have any more children. Jaimee my 7mth old was concieved after about 4mths after the IUD had been removed.

Lets put it this was I am seriously considering having anothe one put in over the next couple of months, so it can't be that bad.

If you have any other questions I can answer would be only too happy.

Hope this helps.....

hi nicola thanx very much for the information i was told when asking about them that they would change it in 5 years most likely and i have decided that i am going to give it go my gp reccomended it to me and so did my gynocologist they both said they are very different these days to what they were years ago thanx again for the info
Hi there
I love the IUD
Had it put in after my first child was born at the 6 week check and then had it removed to get pregnant with my second. I had one put in again when 2nd bubs was 6 weeks old and have had no problems at all - well I think my periods may be a tad heavier - but unsure as have heard that happens after babies anyway.
Its just great thats its in there and you don't know and don't have to worry about getting pregnant or taking the pill.
We are not quite ready yet for anything permanent, so this works out great.
It wasn't inserted with any anasetic - but only hurt for a few seconds. I'm in NZ, so unsure if its the same in Ozi, but it was just done at my local Gp's
I highly recommend it!!!

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

Just wanted to let you all know - since posting a letter on how wonderful I think the IUD is - I am now 9 weeks pregnant!!! The IUD still firmly in place. Of course now I no longer reccommend it................................... but hey number 3 baby will be just as special as the first 2. Anyway for those of you no longer wanting any kids sterilisation is the only way to go i'm sure! Plus since telling a few people my stroy out come many more about getting pregnant with an IUD in - turns out my husband was concived that exact way!!!!!! Ironic huh.

Mum of 3 year old boy and 1 year old daughter

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