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4 under 4??? Lock Rss

Ok having a bit of a think about how we want to have our kids.

We are planning to have 4.

I don't know weather I should let DH have his way and have 4 under 4 or should I space them out a bit and wait now for 2 yrs and have the next 2 in 2011 and 2013???

Go for gold and be a mad hatter like me!!!!

what do YOU want to do?

Personally, i am still only just coming around to the idea of having a second child at all so to me, that would be totally crazy LOL
but if finances permit and you are willing to give up any shred of sanity that you have left, i say go for it LOL
Dh was talking about a third two nights ago - I told him to go jump I need atleast a years rest from being pregnant hehe.

If you want to do it and think you can handle it than as duffy said 'go for gold'

well, I have both i have the gap then i have the 5 close together, and i would definately have all 4 close together. works vetter, bit hard at first but the rewards are huge afetr the first hard yards are done. I wouldnt have a gap again if i was to know that i was going to have so many kids they would all be one on top of the other (well the last 5 are, but the whole lot of them would be closer in age absolutely)
ask me in a week!!! ill have 5 kids all up after monday, and well, i will have 4 under 3!!!! LOL LOL LOL

can let you know then if its a good idea or not hehehe

depends on
behaviour of the children u already have
number of bedrooms
money situation

i would personally wait at least a year before ttc number 3 as u have said. but i do like having my 2 close together, but dont think i could handle having 3 at the moment (which is a struggle cos im so clucky again)

doesnt your hubby work away alot?
Yes that is my only reservation - DH works away alot! Oh and I'm a bit of a control freak, like things my way, like the house tidy and very clean and can't stand alot of confusion. I dont' deal well with change or with things out of place or when I plan things and they dont' turn out that way. So in other words I am nuts! Lmao

We are going to have 4 so I just need to decide weather I get it over and done with (yes I know that sounds terrible) but have them all at once - get past the crazy first year all together and then we will hopefully all be on the same page or leave it till the boys are a bit older.

Money isn't (touch wood) a problem and the boys I have are great. Ben has been a bit of a problem but has now become a really good kid in the past few months.

I really don't know what to do. Some months I feel like I am going to go crazy and others (this month) I feel like I could have 10 kids and it would be a breeze.

Hmmmm add to that I am clucky - majorly
its tough isnt it.
im in the same boat in that i am starting to get clucky but im too scared to have another one yet because i know i wont cope because i too am crazy LOL

i dont know what age gap is best. i dont want a huge one but i also dont want to force myself into something that im not 100% ready and comfortable with
I personally dont think you would cope if you dont like change and also are a control freak. Give yourself more time. a couple of years than have another couple.

With 4 little ones you have to change every Dont even bother if you dont like change.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

i feel like i could have 10 kids if i could have them all 5 years apart so i would only have one home at a time... but we ain't that rich! Hahahah. Plus I am going insane after 3 and a half years with no mental stimulation... huggies just doesn't cut it anymore smile
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