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Sunrise Photos Lock Rss

Hi Someone gave me an amazing photo of the sunrise on the day my baby girl was born and it was framed and it was amazing. I am having a second child soon and am keen to get another one as are some of my friends who are also expecting. Does anyone know of anyone that does this or shops that sell them by date?
Hi Emily's Mum,

A photographer by the name of Neil White does this. You can find the info out at the website

I think he only sells online but you can see most dates on the website or if there isn't one there you can email and they will send you the shots for that particular day.

We are getting one for each of my son's as I think this is a lovely keepsake.

Good luck.

Hello Ladies, thank you so much for this post. I had never heard of this before but checked out the site and stored it in my favourites. What a beautiful idea and a fantastic gift idea that is really different, special and personal.

Thanks again!!
There is someone on ebay selling them too, but they only date from January 2005 onwards.
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