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Who else isn't in the new forum? Lock Rss

I've just had to switch back to the old one! On the new one every time I tried to post I got logged out then it takes forever to log back in.

Plus it was taking forever to even load a page and none of the previews were working either.

I wonder how long it will take to iron out the kinks?

Me! I was in there for 2 seconds yeterday and gave up!

Me too Ro. I can't even get onto the new improved one today at all. It is saying it is down for planned maintenance,lol.

I'm off to the pool in a tick anyhow...might try again later.
i'm in the new and allegedly improved site - says 31 members and 75 visitors... wonder if it's different to the old one?
Old one says 23members and 69visitors

well i deleted the old addy from my bookmarks now i cant go back to the old lol lol
i am still enetering the same way i always have so i assume i am in the old one but i wouldnt know one way or the other

Here's a link to this post in the old one:

Thanks Ro, im home now lol lol
i tried for a day and gave up. All i got was server errors!
I'm getting crying babies in the new one, and error messages every time I post in the old one...can't win!

This old girl is in the old forum. Like I said yesterday - the new forum is as "improved" as the new nappies.
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