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Any working or worked in child care industry? Rss


I am thinking of doing the Certificate III and then the Dip in Child Services (by correspondence) whilst I am on leave.

But I wanted to hear stories good or bad about working in the child care industry?

I am worried about forking out the money for the courses but then end up hating it once i have a job somewhere.......

I have worked in an office environment for the last 7 years so it will be completely different environment.

Thanks in advance for advice!


im stace and im qualified and have just started back at work look i love my job as it is so very rewarding and it has new challanges each day and as a bonus i get to pop in and see my boys all day but on the flip side pay rates suck for the amount of work we do and we are not recognised as professionals which is dissapointing as we do have a 2 year Qual and lets face it we are responsible for parents most valued possesitions yet the garbo gets more(not to say they dont do a great job!) but hey if you love children and like a challenge then go for it and remember even if you dont like it its another qual under your belt Good luck i hope i have helped
Hi there,

I have worked in child care from the moment I left school and I really love it!

I completed my diploma in children's services in November 2004 only to find out I was pregnant one months later!

If you love kids, it is a very rewarding job!
(The pay sucks but it is better than it used to be!)
I just think of it like this... I would rather work for less and love my job than earn more and hate it!

I am now a stay at home mum considering doing some family daycare until I finish having my own children (mainly to keep my skill level up to scratch!)

One good thing about it is that jobs in child care are usually pretty easy to come by as qualified workers are in demand! This means you can be a little more picky as to where you would like to work!

The only downside would be that child care is dominated by women and some centres can get a little b**chy!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks


Just wanted to add some comments.

I am Associate Diploma trained (old eq of Dipl. in Child Services). I worked full time for 6 years in child care in various centres and wanted to share some experiences with you.

I found it is as the others have said- EXTREMELY UNDERPAID. Eg- after doing my Ass.Dip, my first position as a trained child care worker gave me a wage of $12 an hour. Pretty crappy, hey!

However, I found alot of the stuff I studied and experienced while working in this industry helped me with my own child. Things such as dealing with tantrums in the shopping centre and ways to get kids to do what you would like such as ' we need to go to the toilet now" instead of "do you need to go to the toilet?" Of course, they will say no if you ask!!!! LOL.

My personal experience is that if you can do a little bit of volunteer work while studying ( if time and children allow even just 3 hours a week or so) and try your upmost to get employed by your local council if they offer child care services, they pay better and have better entitlements including programming time away from the kids and the centres aren't profit driven. Unfortunately alot (and I don't mean all) of privately owned centres are run to make a profit and thus you have to fight to buy resources for the kids etc.

Just also wanted to say, if planning to work with kids (esp. babies under 3) make sure you are fully immunised. You can be innmuised for Hep A, Hep B, Pertusus (Whooping Cough), Tetanus, Chicken Pox etc- check with your GP.

I have taken a break from child care and have been working nights stacking shelves at our local Coles for the past 2 years to be able to drop off and pick up my 6 year old from school. I am about to go on maternity leave again and will probably continue to work nights until the next one grows up a bit. (I have found by doing nights, when hubby can mind the kids. I am only about $80 a week worse off, this is due to the cost of paying child care for my then preschooler while I was working)
And the ironic thing is I do 16-20 hour week instead of 40 hours and there is no stress involved.

Sorry for the long post.

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Hi! I too have only worked in offiice environment since leaving school. I am currently back to being a SAHM, as I went back to work in an office and found myself very depressed sitting inside all day and not actually doing anything physical.
I say I am SAHM again, as I am setting up my own Family Day Care, and until that kicks off, I get to spend some more time with my baby before we have to share my time.
I dont know if I will like it either, and people try to tell me its going to be too hard, but for me, nothing is harder than leaving my son in care while I go to work in a stuffy office.
So if this doesnt work, i will go back and do something else, but I honestly think it will be worth a try for you!
Once you finish your cert and work in childcare, you can go on to train to be a teacher etc, so you can continue to work hours suitable for your children!
But, thats only my opinion, and I am in the same boat! lol

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

Hi, I worked in the child care industery for 6 years before having my baby oct last year. the good thing about studing for me was i worked for about 2 years before I had to study but then I got to Rpl alot of stuff and I also worked in a small country town at first so I got to it externally and mostly at in my own time. It is a rewarding job(pay is crap) but it is also stressful. I have to admit by my 6th year I was getting a little burnt out. But honestly it has giving me head a start of knowledge with my first one but I learnt more pratical knowledge from the parents then the books. But all certificates behind me, still it was a big shock to the system when I had my little boy and I didn't handle it as well as I thought.

Sam Qld,

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