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My night out with DP Rss

DP asked my sister during the week if she could babysit our girls sometime this weekend, as he wanted to take me out!!

So last night we bathed the girls and put them to bed and off we went to the casino..

We had a lovely meal, (buffet) and it was sooooooo nice to have a glass of chardy...LOL

Had a bit of a go on roulette, as I'm not a fan of the pokies, and had an absolutely lovely night out with my partner..

We haven't done that in what seems like a lifetime, and it was fantastic!!
Thats sounds like a wonderful night.
It is nice to go out and just relax for one night,I would go insane if we didn't do it.

Aww, that sounds so nice smile We haven't been out for about 4 years!! It's harder to go out now because we have 4 kids and not many people want to look after all 4 at once, so I don't even bother asking sad

Glad you had a great time, you should do it more often!
That is so lovely and you are lucky to have a babysitter!
Hubby and I have just been invited to a party we really want to go to, but have no one we know who can babysit sad.
wow that sounds amazing, glad you had a well deserved night out smile]

Yes it was so nice just to linger through a meal, with adult conversation, and no interuptions!!...LOL

The people at the next table were chatting to us, as they knew me from a past job!!! Nice to catch up with people I haven't spoken to for years!!
Thats sounds like you both had a wonderful]
Glad you had a great night!!!

Awww sounds like you had a wonderful night out Ree with hubby smile]

It really is lovely to spend that time alone together... to remember the "couple" as compared to the "family" It sounds like a fantastic night
Well it looks like DP and I will be heading out more often now..

My sister offered to babysit once a month for us today!! I didn't want to ask her too often to do it, but as she offered, that's different..iykwim?

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