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I would love to have two babies. But coarse the thing we hate the most is on top of the list. MONEY.

At the moment I work 3 days a week. My mother in law looks after our 18.5 month old son. I have work those days for us to live very confortable and to pay off the house. We can't expect my mother in law to look after two babies. She was very sick herself 5 years ago.

I was wondering if you have any ideas? How do you mums manage who have more than one child?
Hi Helen,

Well I don't know what sort of work you do, but maybe if you really want a second baby why don't you look into getting some night work, that way you can still have your comfortable lifestyle and still have the money coming in. Also your mother in law won't have to mind the two kids, your hubby/partner can do that.

We have two children with number three on the way and we live on one wage, pay our mortgage and also contribute to our kids education fund. We just realise that we can't have everything and we live without some luxury because we know it is not forever and we love our family and would rather have them than the luxuries right now.

Hope this helps.

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All I can say is that it is amazing what you can survive on. I was supposed to go back to work...that was about 9 months ago as I couldn't get childcare and have now lost my job and we are now trying for number 2. It is a real struggle but somehow we seem to manage. My partner is fantastic with money and we have a strict budget in place. I have my name down for market research and mystery shopping which brings in a TINY bit extra and also delivering pamphletts etc is great for exercise and a bit of extra cash for luxuries. Last week we had $18 left for a week to survive on and we made it!!! We still manage to go on holidays and my son has more clothes than he needs. Until we found ourselves in this situation I wouldn't have thought it possible and now I am actually pretty proud of us!!!

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there is an old saying

money is the root of all evil.

so never let money stop you from doing anything in life. and god gives you only as much as you can handle

(this sounds pretty churchy). i'm not at all really.

its just that i have learnt that if you keep a positive mind things always work out the way they should.

but if you dont belive in fate, or god then rule out everything i just said.

im hoping to be pregnant by christmas with my 2nd, smile good luck.

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i forgot to say that my mum looks after my sisters 2 kids and has told me that she cant handle anymore than 2 at a time, so i dont get to have a baby sitter. some things are just not fair. but i also think that my mum has had her child rareing yrs with the four of us( me my 2 sis and my brother) so its not fair to her either.

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Im in the same boat. I want to go to work to make some extra money before baby number two. Need to buy a bigger fridge and a new bed and new lounge suite our current one is from 1983. We just cannot make any big purchases when there is also a credit card debt to think of which we arent making any inroads with either.
If you have a relative that can look after your baby then that is a huge help. Our plan all along was for my mother in law to look after my baby so I could go back to work part time after 4 months. It took until 8 months till I found something suitable then just as I was about to start the new job my mother in law gets lung cancer. She has had it operated on and recovery will take a while. we dont know if she will be able to look after him now? Chilcare is so expensive and its not worth it unless you a a barrister or surgeon. So I will have to work on the weekends only while my husband tries to fumble his way trying to look after a 1 year old.

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I have recently returned to work (my son is now almost 1). It wasn't a case off we just wanted more money, it was we needed the money with our bank accounts being negative by the end of the mth. (1 problem with being paid mthly) We didn't waste our money either, we have a very strict budget!
It is hard leaving Liam to go to work, though he is with my mum. However we can now afford to get him birthday presents and pay extra on our loan.
We are planning to have another baby once we have paid off our loan which will be in March. (I am counting the days!!)
I guess we are really lucky to have my mum who can look after Liam, though I don't think I could ask her to look after 2! lol

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