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Getting unwanted goods. Lock Rss

I was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem to me. I have a friend who thinks its ok to pass me down ALL of her unwanted baby clothes, most of them are majorly stained in some way.
This might not seem strange but she has two girls whilst I have a son. She tells me that they're ok for house/backyard clothes, but I'm sorry there's no way I'll put him in a pink jumper with flowers on it.

I've tried telling her that I might not have a girl next time so she should give them to somebody else but it seems to fall on deaf ears. I've actually taken to giving them to my cousin telling her to do what she wishes with as I don't need them. Even if I do have a girl next time whose to say that my baby won't be a winter baby and the clothes will be useless anyway.
Am I the only one getting unwanted goods that others, can't be bothered getting rid of themselves?

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I have a friend who does this exact same thing to me all the time. She has four children so that adds up to a lot of unwanted stuff. The clothes are all outdated and many were second hand before her four wore them! I am not ungrateful for the gift, I just have four childreen of my own and have ample clothing. I also like to buy things for my children so that they will have some of their own things. As number four baby, my son will have enough hand-me-downs later on! I have found the best way to deal with this problem is to say to my friend, when she insists on giving me the stuff, is that I have enough things, but I will look through them and choose anything I may need. Then I ask her if she is needing any of it back because I am sure I know of someone else who is in much greater need for things than me and can I pass them on. This way I have pleased her by taking the stuff but can then pass them on (usually to lifeline!) without feeling guilty. If she never sees my kids in the clothes, I can honestly say they have found a good home.

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Your friend is probably only trying to be nice smile why don't give them to goodwill if you don't need them - I'm sure there are some needy families that might get some use out of them. Or maybe mention it to your friend that she could just drop them off in one of those big goodwill bins?



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Hi Chukkas,

I too had a friend that used to give me worn out and stained clothes, (although mine were boys clothes) I used to just take them with a smile and say Thanks, as I know she was trying to help me out. I would let her know at the time if there was anything I didn't want, would she want them back for someone else or should I pop them in a brother hood bin. She never did want them back and I think I only ever kept one or two things. The cloths were O.K, don't get me wrong I will take what I can, but some of the items were past repair.
I hope this has helped you, Good luck
If she is a friend she will understand and not take offence if you tell her that you don't really need them and they would be better being given to charity.

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Hi Steph,
I've tried tactfully saying that surely somebody else could use them, but it hasn't worked so far.
So now I go through them and take out anything I might like then pass the rest to my cousin for her daughter, and whatever she doesn't use we give to the Salvos. Out of a large garbage bag I got about 4 things, her tastes are also a lot different to mine.

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i have sold stuff at the local trash & treasure markets including unwantd thing fro m friends thats their problem if i made some $$$$ from their trash!

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This week I got another lot of clothes but it was alreday sorted into boys and girls clothes so I could give the clothes to my cousin. Maybe I'm getting through, or the fact that she doesn't see my son in these clothes very often.
We're having a garage sale soon so I may sell some of them there.

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Maya gets some pretty suspect handmedowns from friends, but I don't stress about it too much, she uses the wearable ones for daycare, and I bin the unwearables. But I honestly don't think my friends notice that she doesn't wear them lol.
You'vemade me thnk twice about passing on my baby clothes though lol!

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Its funny, I was saying to hubby this morning that the stuff that I actually need she doesn't pass on, and never has. Or she does after I've waited so long and gone and bought it myself.

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some people are really funny about giving their clothes off to strangers.. a friend gives me all her childrens stuff (girls stuff) as her daughter is a few yrs older than eilish. a lot is outdated but i gave most of it to my mum so eilish has play clothes at nannies and can do whatever and not spoil her clothes that i bought her some of the stuff is good and i take home and wash but most stays at nannies so i dont have to take load after load each time we go visit and then have to bring them home again... home again jiggity jig

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this is not about clothes but my mil alway brings food when my son turned 4 we had made a special cake for his day my mil brought a cake in case ours did not work out . she is forever bring chocolate cake or little sultana cakes which i dont like the boys enjoy them so i should not complain too much.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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