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Lets all make a pact that we wont start judgemental threads anymore to try and get ppl riled up... Someone made a good point in Frankies thread, and that is that Huggies is no longer a "supportive parenting forum" anymore...

Lets just try not to judge, try more to offer advice, try to be there for another member if they just need to talk, lets try to get Huggies back to that "Supportive Parenting Forum" it was when I first became a member...

What does everyone reckon...

*puts my hand out in front of me waiting to see who else joins!*
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy TEAM!!!! I'm in.

In a hot Huggies cheerleading outfit too smile)
Go Team!
*jumps up and down like a cheer leader pom poms high!*

I've been around for three years come april. and thats what this place was like when i started. I'M IN!

Give Me a T
Give me an E
Give me an A
Give me an M

whaddya get? TEAM!! LOL

Now to think of a team name, and Oh, i want one of those cheerleading outfits, i wanna look hot too!! lol
Huggies Hotties.
Disposable Divas.
Pull Up Princesses.
LMAO now they are silly..... but I like peach and white???
IM IN!!! ive been here 3 years and agree it isnt what it used to be.

can i have a cheer leaders outfit to? i wanna look hot to!

DS 18-08-05! & look out 2010- a new me is coming!

hahaha i like huggies hotties!!

frankie, u going to join?!?!?!?!
Totally agree.
I've hardly posted lately coz this place as been absolutely pathetic at times, and just ridiculous at others, lol. (I always come in for an entertaining read tho, lol).

well post away hunni.... we promise, we wont bite, anymore... well try not too....hehe
is in......

cheerleader uniforms pmsl im in!!!!

i have met some of the lovelyest ladies thru here........althouh im yet to meet them i class them as close i wish i wasnt stuck out the middle of dingo whoop whoop so i could go and some of them but hay.....

huggies....where else can i whoop for joy at ttc, expecting new arrivals

can i cry at sad news

have a giggle at pointless convos

get annoyed by somentioned up them selves threads

all with out having to deal with heat cold rain floods fire etc

loving huggies

Oh please sorry but how many times do we have to do this LETS ME NICE. I mean it has never worked so why do we continually do it.

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