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I'm in.
But it all makes for an entertaining read, agreed on that. I'll have to start buying That's Life or something for now on. BLECH!

well pissed happy, u dont wanna join in and be nice, then bugger off, but we who do want to be nice, can at least try. Dont come and ruin my perfectly happy thread!!
Dont see how I ruined it but I did state something that many of the older members agree with it has been said LETS BE NICE so many damn times it has never happen. We have people come and stir trouble all the time..

I am aloud to voice my opinion just the same as you.

She has a point though, as long as there are deluded sanctimonious bitches out there, there'll never be peace at Huggies.
Still no harm in trying.......

i didnt say u cant voice your opinion, i just asked u to not do it in my happy, supportive thread!!
Im all in for the being nice and supportive instead of trying to start fights.

I dont post that often, or join in some of the more frequent members, but i would like to know that i can come here and be supported instead of criticised.

well now u can come in and be supported at least from us!!
I'll be the mascot - no one wants to see me in a cheerleading uniform!! lol lol
Nope, same rule applies, u gotta have a uniform!! hehehe....
even this threadisn't supportive

But where's the fun in that!

Can't say I care either way though, I just ignore the crap I don't want to read.
i want to play nice too....

Nice is my middle name... grin

i want a cheerleader outfit too... the dh would love that smile

*lets not be aggressive*
*not be aggresive* (sung to the tune of be aggressive be be aggresive)

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