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My annoying SIL and BIL.... Lock Rss

Ok.. sorry to annoy anyone else but I need to get this out.. am I over reacting??

ok My DD started kindy last thursday and so does her cousin they are same age with 1 month difference between BIL and SIL moved near us last year-they are just pure copy cats-and decided to put their DD in the same school. They asked us if I mind to put the girls in teh same class I said that will be good.. I am fine with that,,

Ok kindy starts and my SIL decides to chat with the kindy teacher to see how her DD is going.. the teacher said that my DD and her DD seems to chat during class and it will be recommended if they are seperated in the future if they are too hard to handle

My SIL wants them seperated NOW and makes a BIG FUSS out of it with the teacher and states her husband wants the seperated and I am not too happy- they are just kids who has never chatted during class?? (I did!) They are at KINDY not year 11-12!!!

I talked to the teacher and she said if it gets worst she will inform me.. and i said I'll let her decide what to do..

Who asked SIL AND BIL to move near me in the first place and be copy cats!! What ever I buy she buys.. whatever restaurants I go she goes.when I get a new car she gets a new car... I lived in my suburb since I am 12 and she copies me and moves into my comfort zone..

It's driving me nuts!! Sorry for the long post!!

Yes i think your over reacting. Extremly. Im sure you didnt ask them to move near you but they also do not need your permission. Is no one you already know allowed to move to your neighbourhood as they would be copying you?? Your not in high school. Your a grown woman and it sounds like you need to grow up. Have you thought that the neighbourhood you are lucky enough to already live in is probably a good one? Are house prices reasonable? Does it have good facilites and schools for children? Are you the only one in your extended family who should benefit from this? Would you not want the best for your inlaws and neices -newphews. If you have a problem with how your sis in law reacted at the school you should talk to her about it and advise the school of what you want to happen. it is a seperate issue from her family moving near you.. It sounds like them living near you makes you uncomfortable for a deeper reason..

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