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The new speeding ad.. Lock Rss

I just did a market research survey thing (conducted by the RTA) and in it they showed that new speeding ad - I think it's been on TV too. It's really graphic, a father with his son driving along, speeding and tries to overtake, hits mother walking with a pram and her baby the mom gets killed, the baby lives. Made me bawl my eyse out!

I find it really graphic and upsetting, but as long as it gets the message across I think its good.

What do you think?

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

i can't stand it (and have never really seen it,) i refuse to watch, and change the channel as fast as i can .
it it gets me too upset, i don't want my kids to see it because it's so graphic and if anything i think it just deseneitises people and thay become blase because they get 'used' to seeing something awful and it just becomes everyday.

i don't know if it will stop people speeding. of course that would be good i just hate seeing children hurt, even when it's pretend!

mum of 3 girls

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