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Happy Birthday Caleb! Rss

Hello we had Calebs party at Wriggle It which is on Kingston Road (cnr of Queens Road) Logan Central. There is also Lollipops at Cannon Hill but one of the mums who was at Calebs said that Wriggle It had more things suitable for the younger children. Normal entry fee is $6.50 for ages 1 to under 3, $8.50 for 3 to under 9 and $10.50 for 9 to 14years. Children under 1 are free. This is for the whole day of play.
They have a few different menu's for parties but we paid $10.50 per child which included - chips, cherrios, fairy bread, cheese tubes and unlimited cordial. This also includes the whole day of play. You can add different things like chicken nuggets, party pies, potato gems etc but as most of Calebs guest were only 2 we just had the basic. We also had 2 platters 1. of cheese/pate and Crackers and the other sandwich platter for the adults (the kids ate them as well). They were $25 each but well worth it. The adults just brought their own tea and coffee etc. We bought Calebs birthday cake from Coles and did out own loot bags. We just went to Big W and bought the Allens lollies in bulk bags. We did get Wriggle It to supply balloons which they charged 80cents each. We gave them out to people with the loot bag when they were leaving.
Also what we liked about it was you didnt pay until the end. When people arrived their name was added to the list which was calculated at the end. That way if someone doesnt come (2 people didnt) you are not paying up front for them. Wriggle It just set up a table for the children and another for the adults which is cornered off just for you for 1 and a half hours. We were there for a lot longer than that but no one chased us off.
As I said earlier we left and there were still guest who stayed which was great - they had already been paid for so could stay as long as they wanted!

We had a ball and would consider doing it again!!

Thanks for the tip of dragging the photos out, that is so amazing how many times it was done when we were growing up.
Thanks for your reply. It sounds like a winner to me! I'm definately going to give it a go soon. My middle ones are 2 and 5, and we will go one day when big bro is at school. He's 9 and probably not too worried anyway. Thanks again. Please let us know, maybe via the communities forum, if there is anywhere else in your area that you visit that we may not not about.

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Great to hear Caleb had a wondeful day.....I like the photo idea too!

Take care everyone,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hey Tepe, Great to hear from you!! So is it your gorgeous bub' birthday next?? Come spill it baby........
Okey dokey...

Yes, it's my daughters 3rd birthday on Sunday! We are having her party on the Saturday though!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe. Thought I would post now incase I got too carried away tomorrow and forget the time!

I hope your Beautiful Daughter has the best 3 year old birthday possible!! I hope you all have a fantastic day!

I also hope your son is feeling better. I am thinking of you.

Talk soon

Lots of love

P.S I hope this post doesnt go to the moderator or heavens know when you will be able to read it?? Fingers crossed.
Thanks Janeen,

You're a sweetie.....

Great day, spoilt little girl, but very happy little girl!

Health 100% both children, cross your fingers for me, and i am touching wood for mentioning it!!

More soon,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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