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Fire Relief Box to post to victims Lock Rss

pant liners
tooth paste
face wahers
antbacterial wash
...please add if you have any ideas
wet ones
panadol (infant as well)
um what about bonjela? i might hit the chemist direct up for some supplies i'll also try and get my old rotaract club to rally and help even though they are in qld
combs and brushes maybe some hair ties.
can I elaborate and make it undies of every size and both genders ...i recon the blokes would like a fresh pair of undies also !!
[Edited on 09/02/2009]
Hairbrushes, combs etc

What about those towels you can get that you can use for camping...they are made from material that soaks up a lot of water...microfibre I think they are. They wouldn't take up anywhere near as much room as normal towels and would still be of use...bit hard to have a wash with nothing to dry yourself.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Tins of baby food and the sachet packs of formula.
[Edited on 09/02/2009]

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Pads, tampons maybe some nappies.
wash cloths (if they are unable to wash at leats they could wipe down themsleves)

- maybe k&c could get on board and send a whole truck down wink

Tissues....they are gonna need a heap of those in the days and weeks to come sad

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I was thinking about what i would need for bub if in that terrible situation

nappies, wipes, formula, singlets, wondersuits, dummies, sterilising equipment or tablets, tin bub food, toys, nappy rash cream

im sure theres more

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

Df and i packed up a whole load of stuff last night
But iam just wondering how do i get it there?

ok i might get some milton tablets i have some bottles here from the us where you make milk up in a bag so u only have to clean the teat i'll send them down as well i've also posted this on another forum and the guys on there are rallying a well, 4 members off there have lost everything yet they still want to help
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