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Can you use Euky Bear Rub on a newborn? Rss

DD2 whose five weeks has come down with a cold, I took her to the Dr this morning but forgot to ask if it was ok to use Euky Bear rub on her ... it says " In case of very young children, seek medical advice".

Can you use it?
You probably should ask your doctor, maybe just give them or a chemist a call.

But when my DD was young and got a little cold they said I could put a small amount on her singlet so that it wasn't directly onto her skin. So the outside of the singlet, not touching the skin.

was Bubbagirlsmama

With my kids under 3 months I'd put it on a tissue then pop the tissue inside their singlet.
i asked this to and it is only suitable for babies 3 mnths up but however u can use on tissue or maybe even a little on outside of singlet thats what i was told
Thanks everyone, I rang the Dr who said same... dont put directly onto skin - put on singlet or on a tissue.

As per the label and website Euky bearub can only be used from 2+ years old, it is not suitable for under 2.
Vicks baby balsm can be used from 3 months to 5 years, it's great!
I always go off the labels or brand website.
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