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I think she has Post Natal Depression... what can I do? Rss

Hi all,

I need some advise... and this is going to be a long one so stick with me!

My sister in law had a baby in Januarty 10 weeks after myself.
She is also the step mother of 2 children living with them in their teens.

She did have baby blues in hospital and also an infection which required her to be put on drip and stop breastfeeding (which wasnt real successful to start with)

This did not go down well with her at all and she struggled. She tried to resume after coming off anitbiotics (against doctors advise) but had lost some of her supply and had to bottle feed.

The oldest child I am very close to in conversation tells me things that happens and I am concerned my sister in law has PND.

My niece has said that she has often gone balistic over very tiny things eg cup left on floor or bag left on table.

She spends alot of time in the bedroom often taking bub in their when crying, slamming doors etc. She wakes in a foul mood daily and snaps at everyone (to the point where my niece wont talk to her in the morning)

She has packed her bags recently and was going to leave over the fact that my brother heated bubs bottle and offered to feed bubs, she felt he could not do it.

She has made reference to understanding why people shake their babies.. (I know we can all relate to a degree but I would never say I fully understand)

She has said to members of house that she feels trapped all day long.

The youngest of girls in my brothers past marriage turned 17 and was having a party.. she went off at this and couldnt understand why my brother would allow it and said that she isnt up for all this. I joked and said that she knew what she was in for as they were together 6 years before marriage and she then said she now thinks it was a bad idea.

Moral to my story is...what do I do. Technically I dont know any of this and when I ask her how she is going she says 'getting there'. We do see the same child health nurse and I thought I might mention it to her as I remember having to do a PND questionarre and hope she can dig deeper.

I also dont want to get involved directly and be seen to stir trouble.

I know teenagers can be difficult but they are good girls and I think her reaction to things is over the top at the moment.

It is a tricky situation but I think as you have the same MCHN you could have a chat to her and she might be able to raise the issue with her subtly so she would not know that you have said anything. If the MCHN suspects she does have it then she can get her help.

Alternatively you could speak to how are you coping etc, not in a way that makes her think you are prying or anything but just as a general chat and make remarks to your own situation etc.

I don't know is tough but if she is doing and saying some of the things you have mentioned then she really sounds to me like she needs some help...

Good Luck with it smile
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