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Making power leads safe?!?! Rss


Just wondering what other parents have done to make the power leads in their houses safe? We have them running along the floor in the lounge and I keep arguing with hubby who says nothing can be done about them and gets angry with me when I say well you have to do something! He came up with "we'll have to get a playpen" and I said what the hell did we have a baby for if we just going to stick her in a playpen? Its a part of having a baby that eventually you have to baby proof everything so when he just says well we can't I get very annoyed!

So if anyone has any ideas please let me know...apparently according to hubby they CANNot be lifted any higher than the ground...

Hey -
if moving the outlet so they dont run accross the floor isnt an option you can get an outlet cover (a biggish one that encloses the whole powerpoint even when something is plugged in (I am not sure what they are called but you can get them at bunnings).
I guess for hubby you could go buy a pod lock which has a key and you lock the plug end of his fav appliances and only unlock them when he aggrees to do something about it smile lol

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Hey Gizmo,
Along the skirting board you could try banging thin medium length nails in to the bottom of it, popping the cords along the nais and then bend the nails over to "wrap" around the cords. This will keep them close to the wall then. If the cord is really lon and can be pulled, try to pull the cord as tight as possible and then bundle the loose excess together and hide behind the couch or TV unit if possible. We have done this as I have caught my girl wrapping excess cord around her before and it scared the living daylights out of me!
The other thing we did when we rented was to get some of that silver tape from the hardware and we taped all our cords to the skirting boards so that they couldn't be touched at all, leaving no gaps.
Just don't do it when bub is around as ours saw us do it and tryed to pull the tape off in one room, but not in another. And the power point protectors that the other lady was talking about are good too, as they prevent bub from pulling the cord out of the power point.
Hope I have helped a little and not really confused you!!

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