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Aarrgghh - too much bitching !..where is all the support ? Rss

Just a vent really...

I've noticed that some of the threads are getting really bitchy and nasty. It makes me sad as i thought we were supposed to be here to support each other, not to compare babies !

Whether its about...Which babies are 'average', which babies are 'above average' (whatever that is all about !!), to circumcise/not to circumcise, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding etc, it's getting beyond the joke lately.

When are people going to realise that all babies are different and parents have different ideas on what is best for their babies ?! There is nothing wrong with that...

Let's just get on with what we are here for - to support and encourage each other as parents and to lend an ear when it's needed.

Enjoy your babies - they truly are a gift !
Well said!!!! smile

Calm down love! Your first 4 words are probably what a lot of us tend to come on here to do also, as we can't do it at home!! Yes, there can be a few posts that tend to turn nasty, but you just don't get involved in those or just reply nicely to them and pity the person who can't! (better go check some of my posts, lol!)
I guess there are some posts that people might put in that really get your hackles up, and then you probably write something defensive, then it all goes haywire from there. I really like reading about others joy in the TTC when someone has had sucess, I have a cry when I read of a total strangers misfortune and I get defensive when I hear of someone being mistreated and I don't know them. I love reading of the kids doing those silly little things that make your heart soar and I love sharing what I have found has worked for me, or not.
Our babies are a gift, I know only too well, and I am sure that we all do really enjoy them.
I really do hope that you keep posting and enjoying this site, as there is definately more help and happiness than there is negativity!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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