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A thankyou to all the great mum's I have met here... Lock Rss

Hello All,

I have met so many great mum's here at this site and I just wanted to take this chance to say ... A GREAT BIG THANKYOU
for all of your advice, support, kindness and friendship. There are too many of you to name you all, besides you know who you are...

So a GREAT BIG HUG from me and my 19 month old daughter Madeleine, and my baby boy due in 20 days.

We look forward to covering many, many more topics here with you all.

Thanks again for being the wonderful people you are.

Michelle grin
A little poem...

***Be Yourself***

The world would like to change you;
There are pressures all around.
You must decide just who you are,
Then firmly hold your ground.

You have an image of yourself,
An ideal sense of you;
And to this vision you must always
Struggle to be true.

You know what you are good at,
And you know where talents lie;
But if you're ruled by others,
Your uniqueness could pass by.

Remember, there is much to learn;
But all new things aren't good.
Wisdom lies in what we learned,
And what we have withstood.

So, be yourself and don't allow
The world to take control.
Preserving your identity,
Is life's most precious goal.

(I did not write this, but I think it is very true)

Michelle grin

Hey Michelle!

Big hugs to you both for the hug!! As a person I know and have met a number of times you are such a great person and a wonderful friend! For someone who has not found any local friends till I met you, you are a God-send!! I never thought I would meet a friend like you....and in my local town too!!

If you ever need me just call, I'm always here!

Your Friend, Nadine!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hey Nadine,

Thankyou so much for being the wonderful and kind friend you are. I have been lucky making so many great friends here and to find a few in my own town has really been good for me.

I too am here if you ever need a friendly shoulder for the good times and the bad.

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