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Has anyone out there found a way to dispose of nappies better? I keep a bucket and put all my wet nappies in it. You can add a little disinfectant to keep smells at bay. At the end of each week i pull the nappies apart and collect all the crystals. I then Put them in to a bucket of water and there you have it water crystals for your garden. And the garden will love you and so will your rubbish.

dawn vic 20mnths

you are keen! i dont think i would bother but good on you

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

how do you fare with the crappy ones?!
Are they easy to pull apart?
How much would you say it reduces the nappies by?
Do you use wipes? Flushable ones are darn expensive.
Thanks, I'm keen to reduce household waste.
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