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would you be able to tell if your boy is gay

my boy is surrounded by girls all day his sisters and then their friends are all girls of course and his mummy is a girly girl

and his daddy is not a manly man

i have no problems one way or another and also no inkling one way or another but just wondering when would you be able to tell

i knew a friends some since he was prob10 years old, and you could tell he was gay, it took until he was prob 15 i think, for him to actually realise nad admit he actually was.
YOu wouldnt know either way until they chose to tell you. Some boys are real boys,boys and others arnt IYKWIM. I have two boys DH is a blokes, bloke. My eldest son is a typical rough nut boy and the youngest is alot softer, notices everyones clothes and comments on them, notices if you get your hair cut or coloured and LOVES fabric...he will run his fingers through clothes racks at the shops and tells me which ones feel nice and comments on the patterns and colours, His fav colour is pink and gravitates towards the girls at school. Is that a sign he is gay or is it a sign he may end up in design??? Who knows....dosent really matter really

Cheers Ness

We (all my cousins) knew our cousin was gay from when he was about 9 (he only came out to his parents around 19...)

Just behavioural things, prefering girl friends, girl things, very gentle, animal loving...
I had a friend during high school named mattise (like the artist) and he was gay.. it tore him up inside planning to tell his parents.. when we were 20 he attempted suicide because of it.. and when he woke up in the hospital his parents were there, and they said "matty why would you want to die?" and so he told them he was ashamed coz he was gay and that they would not love him any more... his mother smiled at him and said "matty i have known since you were 4 yrs old that you were gay, and i have loved you every day since" some kids will express it early.. some wont.
My cousin lived with a man for 10 yrs before she finally came out as gay... poor guy was crushed.
and another cousin came out when she was 15.. her parents don't mind it at all.. in fact her dad jokes with her that she is a waste.. coz she is so pretty and no man can have her lol

question to you is... would you care? i am doubting you will care going on your sign in name of "prouddadof3" you sound like a decent dad, your kid will be perfect in your eyes no matter how he turns out.

my opinion is that he is just surrounded by girls and prolly just wants to fit in coz thats all he knows

My nephew is 5 and his father (my brother ) mentions his girly traits all the brother is a bloke through and through ..he drinks beer adn farts adn is crude adn so on ...but hubby does none of that and he is no where near being gay !!

Jono is the yongest of 9 boys ..he is smart and intellegent (and he married me>??? lol lol) he is quiet adn shy ..he is not into contact sport ..was a long distance runner so he was very wirey and thin ...he loved reading and was never a rough and tumle boy ...his rothers used to tease him and say he was gay ....I can asure you he is not !! lol loll ol ...

so having soft gentle nature is just that ...a softer gentlier guy reason for them to be homosexual traits ..the only homosexual trait I know of for sure is when a boy has sex with a dude!!! lol lol lol..that is it !! lol
Posted by: ~BOB~
Just behavioural things, prefering girl friends, girl things, very gentle, animal loving...
my hubby has most of these qualities ...that is no indication that a man is gay ...just soft and not typical thats all !!

I am painting jono out to be a poonce !! lol lol..he is a man ...but just a gentle man ..he is softly spoken and he is not rough ..he has never een in a fight and he always is kind and considerate to animals.(not anything like his wife !! lollol)
I don't know how young you would tell, but I don't like people putting to many lables on young kids. ( I know you are not) I'm not a girly girl, never really was but deffinatly prefer men over woman. While I can look at a woman and notice nice boobs etc, the thought of other woman naked kind grosses me out. I probaly pefered hanging with guys growing up, not that I had all that many friends. My dh is a blokey guy in a lot of ways, but loves cooking, makes sure dd's hair is brushed and picks out the coolest girls clothes for her. He also gives me sound advice on clothes as well. Dd is a bit down the middle. Will play rough with the boy down the road, but doesn't understand why one would roll around in dirt. She tends to play more girly games with other girls. She loves, dora, dorothy, thomas and matchbox cars. I have notice though that she plays cars like a girl. You might notice with you son that he plays dolls like a boy?

And boy can be gentle and strong at the same time. And however our kids turn out as long as they are good people who treat their other halfs well and are treated well.
well, my 12yo son has tendencies that "I" would assume he could be gay, then i walk into his bedroom and see the mess! I know hes not gay, cause he would be
My 5yo sonis like Ness' son, he loves clean, he notices everything and comments if i look pretty in an outfit, he notices colours, and the little things like flowers etc.He is a gentle soul, and i could put him in the questionable basket, but he is who is is,and even though i sometimes think how all my kids lives will turn out. I know they will always be loved and hopefully be good citizens, and their happiness is what i hope for.. 4 boys and 3 girls, chances are 1 of them will be gay! i think boys who have sisters and are around girls a lot, just get a better understanding of their crazy ways and moods for when they grow up and choose a partner..
my BIL is gay and MIL tells me they have known the whole time that he was even though he never told them until he was 16ish.

Not sure i believe that as i remember him telling his parents and FIL had some trouble coming to terms with it. Not wanting to disown him or anything but getting his head around it.

i''''m baking a baby

I wouldnt worry about him being surrounded by girls- my friend in high school had 3 brothers and their parents were very 'male dominated' they were truckies and bikies, school was a waste- wanted their kids to drop out and do trades etc

People used to worry that the daughter would be gay. But she's straight and the boys are all gay!
for those who asked
i would have no problems if anyof my children preferred their own sex that is their choice and a relationship between to of the same can be as loving or as destroying as one of opposites

girly qualities as some one put it doesn't mean your gay or i have been living a lie for 40 years and just put it down to being a mummies boy

i have no inkling what my boy who is only nearly 2 by the way may be the question was merely because i would not knwo how to pick the difference between him being that way inclined or just doing what he see's the most as he is surrounded by girly girls

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