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cleaning a shower head Lock Rss

I have recently noticed that our shower head is starting to spray everywhere but down. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that know of a home remedy that would clear this up. I don't want to have to go and by CLR or something like that as how often do you have to clean the shower heads.

So if anyone has any tips I would appreciate it.

I have read on a website for natural cleaning solutions that the problem is a build-up of mineral deposits. It recommended to soak the shower head in a 50-50 solution of vinegar and boiling water. Worth a try, I think, and almost for free! There are probably other sites with info about DIY solutions that don't cost much. Try a Google search.

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Well I tried the vinegar and it worked great. We now can have a shower wthout having to run around to find a decent stream of water smile

I've just read your reply - I'm so pleased that it worked. It's amazing what you can do with products that are free or cost so little, and are environmentally safe. I panic having bottles of stuff in the house with a VERY curious toddler, so I love using safe products to clean with. Vinegar and Bi-carb soda can clean so many things. Heres to new, CLEANER you!!!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

where do you find all the ideas? are they common sense and we are a little slow or do you read them some where or are they passed down? i've written a few things everyones said down.. its so clever that house hold cooking items can be used so we are not using anything to dramatic to clean with i have bought enyo and have been using that for the last 8 months or so. i dont like chemicals being in the house with a curious george of a toddler.

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I read EVERYTHING! And I always have. No, that's not really all it is about, but as a SAHM (that works a little part-time), has four kids, runs a Children's and Youth organisation (with my husband) and has a very busy husband - I have to be organised and on top of life at home. I am a frequent visitor to online organising and homemaking sites. I am not a 'man work', 'woman stay home' advocate, but that is our current circumstance, so I tackle 'homemaking' as a profession. There are heaps of sites (mainly american unfortunately) that are dedicated to homemaking, cleaning and organising for the modern, busy woman. They are aimed at enabling time-poor mums to have an efficient, homey and clean house - most of the time! Try doing a google search for keywords like 'homemaker', 'organizing', or 'cleaning'. You will find heaps of ideas and tips to organise a smooth running household. The most useful ideas I get, are really just from doing this homemaking gig for so long, I guess. I have been married for nearly ten years and home (with part-time work in between babies) for nine years. I use some Enjo stuff, too. I have asthma, so their products are pretty good for that reason.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

buy a new one, life's too short to clean

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I didn't realise it was such a sensitive topic to post anonamously under! LOL
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