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Hi there. well ive been a huggies member since i was preg with my DD Elise, now 10mths old and ive only just found that huggies has a forum :~ how sad is that!!! Well i guess i should introduce myself. My name is Tanya, ive been married for 1 year to Kennetha and as u know our dd Elise is 10mths old. We live in Qld. Australia and it is quite a nice day today considering it has been rain rain rain for the past few weeks, and if you were wondering yes we are fine, we only got rain from the cyclone...nothing more smile

I cant wait to get to know you all and meet all the mummys here!

Glad i found you hehe,

Cheers Tanni @--;-- (this is my flower. i usually put a flower icon but it doesnt have it, oh well smile )

mummy to Elise & Jordyn. Two pinks for me

Hi Tanni,
Welcome to the Exchange, I was the same as you a member for a while before I discovered there was this exchange here, but finally found it last April and since then have been pretty much addicted to this site LOL!!

I'm sure you'll meet lots of nice mummies on here and you may even want to check out in the Babies Section under (what month was your baby born) as you'll find lots that have bubs born the same time as yours. Just a warning the site can be very addicted LOL and I'm sure you'll Enjoy smile

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