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hi all

I am wondering what exactly do we get the baby bonus for at tax time.I thought with the $800 i got when my daughter was born, and then the $600 recently that we wouldnt get anything else? Does anyone know how much the payment is?
Thanks, a bit confused with all these different payments
Hello, I am not an accountant so I cant answer how much the baby bonus will be for you. But I can give a basic run down.....

The baby bonus was designed to give the mothers something in return for not going back to work. It is worked out on how much your wage decreased from the following year ie when fulltime to now either part time or not working etc., due to having the baby. It is supposed to make up for the fact you have lost the extra wage. Everyone who had a baby before the 01.07.04 may be eligible for the baby bonus until your child starts school. It is worked out when you have your tax done. If you are eligible for it a reconciliation will be done and the extra payment will be sent to you.
This payment was axed as of the 01.07.04. as the Maternity Bonus of $3000.00 came in. But if you had your baby prior to this the baby bonus will apply to you.

The $800 you received when you had your baby was the old Maternity Allowance. As of the 01.07.04. this no longer exist as the Maternity Bonus of $3000.00 took over.

So in a nut shell what you still MAY receive is this - the baby bonus once you have your tax completed and the $600 in September if you do not have any FTB debts & you were eligible for FTB-A in the last financial year being 2003/2004.

I hope this hasnt confused you but as you can see there is a lot to answer in your question.



Now the OOFP (one off family payment) of $600.00 which was paid before the 30.06.04. is exactly that a one off payment. You would have received this if you are or were eligible for FTB (Family Tax Benefit) part A. If you only received FTB part A for part of the year or if you dont claim CCB (child care benefit) then you would not have received the OOFP. However once you have your tax return completed and confirmed by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) then another reconcilication will be done and the $600 will be paid.
In September this year (not sure when in the month) if you do not have a FTB debt and you were entitled to receive FTB-A then another $600 will be paid to you. If you have a debt then Centrelink will take back what you owe and forward the difference. If you owe more the $600 then you will receive a letter advising you of this and you will need to contact Centrelink to make arrangements to pay the debt.
The other bonus is this. The $600 payment in September will stay.............YES that is right STAY, every September if you are or were entitled to claim FTB-A then you will receive what they are calling the FTB Supplement of $600. Of course if you have a debt Centrelink will keep what you owe and forward the balance to you etc.....This means if you have 3 children you will receive a payment of $1800 ($600 for every child) less any FTB debts if any.

Basicly what the best thing everyone can do is make sure they have their tax done ASAP so they get their money - fast!!
well the baby bonus u can get up to $500 every year until ur baby is 5 yrs old. its only for babys born after July 1 2001. it varies with every family and depends on if u are working or not like me i didnt have an income this financial yr and so i get $500. my sister in law had some income this financial yr so shes getting less then $500. i cant remember how much but.

u can go here and fill out a form online to see if u qualify for a baby bonus.

it will only include YOUR income not ur husbands but if u get more than ur husband then put it under ur husbands name cause u might get more. but if ur not working and u dont have to put a tax return this yr than put it under ur name cause u might be entitled for the maximum amount. it doesnt matter how much ur husband gets its only bout u or who ever gets less in the family.

lol i hope i cleared that up for ya . or did i just confuse ya??

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

Hi Guys
Thanks for the replies. I think i understand now.Anyway i will put my claim in and let them figure it out!
Happy Birthday to Caleb for the other day. Has his reflux completely dissappeared now? (I used to chat to you about this when i first joined).My daughter has silent reflux
Hello lovely lara!! Yes Caleb does not suffer from reflux now. He stopped vomiting around 13- 14 months of age thankfully!! He still doesnt have the best sleep but we are use to that now.

However he does have ear problems now (ear infections and glue ear) so I guess that picked up where the reflux left off.........O well you cant win them all. I have been reading into the link with reflux, eczema and asthma which is really interesting.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Caleb had a great day!!

How is your daughters reflux going?? It is a terribly painful thing for them to go through.
I forgot to mention if you go to then up the top on the right click Online Services. Just scroll down until you get to the green boxes. Then find the box titled Family Assistance then select the 3rd one on the right which says Estimating your Family Assistance (no logon required). Click on this and you will find a very easy and basic online form you just fill in the blanks and it will tell you if you are entitled to any FTB (Family Tax Benefit) and what % of CCB (Child Care Benefit) you may be entitled. It is only a est but pretty acurate. You do not have to be registered or receiving Centrelink payments to use it. It may help you find out if you are entitled to any FTB -A and if so you will get the $600 in September, if you dont have any FTB debts from the past years.

Hope this helps!
Sorry, found out about another great site today it is It has FAQ on the right hand side. If you click on them you will find a lot of our questions answered in plain english!! It also has things about the Maternity Bonus. Just thought I would mention this as it has some great reading...
Hi Calebs mum
Thanks for all the great info on the baby bonus and centrelink payments.
Tayla is getting over the worst part of the reflux now(she is 6 1/2 mths). We are still having major problems with her sleep though. I must admit i never taught her how to sleep on her own, so now she is nearly always in our bed and its driving me nuts!! I am trying to get her out now and its a very slow process... Interesting how you say there is a link with reflux, eczema and asthma. I had all three as a baby, and im pretty sure Tayla has asthma. I havent had that checked out yet(thinking she is too young for a doc to tell?). She has no sign of eczema though. Tayla cut her first tooth a few days ago so is quite miserable at the moment. I can see plenty of little teeth in there just dying to pop up!!
I really do feel sorry for little babies.If only they could tell us what they are feeling!
Hello Lara, The Drs think Caleb also has asthma but you are right even he at 2 years of age he is too young to tell. I also suspected Caleb had it for a while but they just looked at me like I was some narotic mother!! My father is asthmatic so I do know the signs............ Imagine the look on my face when a few months ago the Dr actually told ME they thought he may have asthma. Like DER...
I work with a lady who's son also had reflux, he was diagnosed with asthma just the other day. He is only 20 months but they put him through horrendous test (over 3 days in hospital) looking for Cystic Fibrosis. Thankfully the test showed he only had asthma. I know that is a strange thing to be happy about but I guess you know what I mean!! Caleb also has no signs of eczema....fingers crossed.
Isnt it sad watching the little ones cutting teeth! They are so miserable and really dont know what to do with themself. Caleb use to dribble like there was no tomorrow. He also got a runny nose, runny poos and a slight temp. Poor kid went from reflux to teething to constant ear problems. Not fair. He now is having problems with his speech as he cant hear properly to repeat the words. We hope the grommets will help.
i think it depend on when the baby was born i recently got $500 for mu baby who was born in 2001 its the 2nd payment i have gotten the 1st one was $300 . you gert it til the child is 5

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Guys I just had my tax done and even though I earned a few more thousand then the year before I still get the $500.00!! My accountant (who usually does major companies only) said they only have a few clients so she doesnt know the exact figure off the top of her head, but said the tax returns baby bonus cuts out when income exceeds around $18,000.00 to $20,000.00. So as next year my income will exceed this I will not be eligible HOWEVER if the following year (or any year until my son starts school) I decided to have another baby or stop working (ie income drops again) then I will be eligible until my son starts school. This is of course as long as my income does not exceed the upper limits.

Great news for me!!
Hi Calebs Mum (is your name janeen? I have forgotten!!)
Thats great that youre getting the $500. Im only getting half of that amount!! Still better than nothing though. Any money comes in handy these days...between paying for nappies and formula!
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