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DS is 16 months an suffers night terrors at least once a week, he starts screaming, being inconsolable, an freaks out more if we try to talk or touch him he gets to the point where hes sobbing for at least a hour after hes had one. It usually starts about 1 - 2hrs after he goes to sleep an lasts up to 15 minutes, to me they re getting worse, lasting longer.... If I take him to the Drs can they do anything or is it just one of these things?? an can you manage it so that they dont happen so frequently??

my DS1 who is nearly 4 also had really bad night terrors. he used to have them (same as how you have explained it) every single night so i really screwtanised (SP) what he was watching and playing with. He still does have them from time to time but only when he gets really worked up about something before bed. if you were overly worried i would just take him to gp or chn.
good luck

hugs to all

I have suffered night terrors all my life, some so bad that i have actually torn off my bedroom door and used it as a weapon (it was a sliding door).. i have run into the street in the middle of the night, i have called people on the telephone screaming for help.

the only advise i can offer is try your best not to touch him... place a lamp in the room, a touch lamp if able coz it has a very soft light at first and just say your child's name softly tell him he is ok and mummy is there.. just be in the room with him.
I know its death to sit there and watch your child sobbing and in so much fear but its scarier to him if you touch him.
I hope for your child's sake he grows out of it
he more than likely will.. but if he doesn't don't fret.. we still remain normal even with our bad dreams HAHA smile

My DD is 2 in May and she also suffers Night Terrors. I was told to never wake her and just stay in the room and quietly talk to her to help calm her down. I find she gets these when she has a had a really big day with lots of running around (say we go shopping and go to a children's play centre). Different things can trigger it for each child though.

My Doctor also told me that most children grow out of it.

CHN and a sleep centre gave me some helpful info. Ben also had them, so I would start just b4 dinner, talking thru what we did that day, who we saw, where we went etc. I would then do it again at dinner time, and then when getting ready for bed. That gave him a chance to process it all and stopped them fairly quickly. Now he only seems to have them after we go see the MIL. He hadnt had one since xmas, we stayed with her friday night, so I was up with him last night screaming. CHN also said that they can be triggered by stress such as not being able to communicate (DS1 was slow at talking) so we tried other ways to let him get his ideas across to us.
Goodluck. It is heartbreaking to see them screaming and sobbing, but they dont remember it in the morning.
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