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Hello all,

I been searching the net trying to find information about our up coming holiday in april. But thought it may be better coming from people who live their or been their more then i have as this is my first time.

So first of all i was to do some shopping and i dont realy want to drive all around as hubby will kill me (hes not the shopping kind by has put his hand up for a whole day on my birthday). So i was thinking of going to DFO essendon and have some time their.

I am looking for some items like kids clothes, womens clothes size 16+, nike shoes, jewellery, mens clothing etc etc.

I was also thinking of heading to harbour town but we have one here in adelaide so may not get that far.

Dose any one know if their is a dimmeys (sorry dont know the name of the shop) in melborne they are in QLD when we went up their and had great items just wondering if vic has them as well.

I am also looking for diffrent ideas to eat out that want cost a lot but want be fancy. Hubbys not into the whole fancy resturance a pub is as good for him as take away.

What is the casino over their like do you need to dress up with black shoes and stuff?

any other help would be good. I just want to shop i dont mind where it is as long as i can get a new outfit. I am not a skiny girl i am 16 bottom and about a 18 top so i need good clothes shops.

Please help me make my holiday good. 4 days away is going to be exellent.

TTC a baby girl

hiya - I just got back from a melb shopping trip last week. The best place that I went to was DFO which was right in the city.... everything was so cheap!!

Go for it!! smile

Hey - i'm from Melb!!
Best place to do shopping is around the city.

Outlets: DFO Spencer (spencer st, City
Bridge Rd, Richmond - the whole st
Johnston and Smith St Collingwood - awesome awesom awesom for kids clothes

Casino is ok - you can wear whatever you want. To get into some areas though you will need to dress up

We have a dimmys on Bridge Rd

Restaurants - mosquito in clifton hill (hoddle st) is awesome. Huge meals, good lively atmosphere and cheap.

Steak out at the casino is good - fantastic steak and not too $$$

Crust Pizza - Richmond - Heaven in a cardboard box!

Best bar - Holliava Richmond (Swan St)

Anyhoo, hope that helps!!!!!!!
Fitzroy st or Acland st in st kilda for eating out.

Bridge Rd for shopping or any of the DFO's

Vic Market is good.

Check out the city lane ways there are lots of hidden treasures around.

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