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Here's a juicy one for those of us still awake! Lock Rss

Wow, so many younguns getting it on! lol
I was 17, was not a good experience-lets leave it at that!

I have a friend who was 11-yes 11! She is freaking out now because her daughter is turning 10 this year-she can't believe she was sexually active a full year later.
I may need to join Jane in that nunnery. I was 23 and it was with DH. Thankgpd he was experienced and had a clue as I had none!!!!!

Keeps getting better!!!!


I'm getting a group together!! If you ever get sick of it... you'll know who to call lol!!

smile J
well i seem to be the oldest to lose it at 25 maybe all the other prudes who did it as late as me don't talk about it

probably wouldn't be accepted in the nunnery

I was 17. I only did it because my friends were starting too and I didn't want to be an 18 year old virgin! It was painful and rubbish and such a stupid decision, it led to a lot of bad crap and if I'd waited 2 years it could have been with my DF! I got horrible 'pash rash' too lol, my skin was very dry at the time and he had stubble, I ended up missing a layer of skin on my chin and I had to go to the dermatologist to get a special cream lol.

But I only did it for about 6 months then stopped being stupid, waited a yr and a half so the first time I did it after that was with my DF so a much better memory!

... probably wouldn't be accepted in the nunnery ...

Just keep your legs crossed... no-one will know the difference ... he he he ...

Ouch OneBubba! A special cream and everything!! That is bad pash rash! lol!!!

<span class="emoticon smile">smile</span> J
I was 15 and it was with my now DH, we were each other's firsts. It was no great shakes but not awful either, luckily we have had plenty of practise and are much better at it now lol.
I was almost 17, he was 19. Turned out to be a possessive loser! Met DH a few months later and wish I had waited (DH was a virgin).
You want the real story or the one I tell people?!?!
The REAL story.... C'mon!
Hahaha official story is that I was 19 and living with my boyfriend in New York (who he has met and gets along with better than I did LOL)... you see I stupidly lied about this when I first met him - before we were involved - and then we hooked up and I didn't want to admit I'd lied eeeekkk...... he has never asked me about it again so I don't feel the need to bring it up hehehe.... he has probably forgotten anyways with his memory!

True story is I was 18, a month off flying out to the States and listened to my idiotic friends who suggested American boys wouldn't go for me if I was a virgin... apparently it was uncool to be 18 and a virgin?! So I was sort of seeing this guy from my surf club who was 21 and also a virgin and we decided to "lose it together"... how geeky is that?! It was terrible and the guy ended up kind of being a bit of a stalker... he even told my sister I was his first and I had broken his heart and then sent me emails and letters for like a year even though I was living in the States!
HUMMMMMMM I best not say a thing - geee I must have been one naughty and messed up young one. All I know is out of the people I Have slept with only two cound the first was the day before I turned 16 with a guy who tought me a lot about respect - if I had my way this is what I consider my first. The rest were just aborations.

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