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who's awake Lock Rss

Both my kids have decided to stay awake. Daniel just got up and wont sleep.

So how has everyone been???

Im here...
I should go wake DF up from the couch but I cant be bothered!
How are you???

i am good Part from my 2 kids awake. not long until braydon's birthday. what did u get up to today?

Not a lot. I baked today. Made some chocolate cheescake brownies and tomorrow im baking banana cupcakes.
I cant believe he is 1 soon...its freaking me out lol time goes WAY too quickly!
What did you get up to today?

I still am up, I am picking my brother and his mate up from wherever they end up later and If I go to sleep I doubt I'll be getting up for them! lol.

I'm also waiting for news on the arrival of my friends bub, she was 4cm at 5pm and I was hoping it would go a bit quicker for her, it her first so it could be a few more hours..

Anyway I'm up for a chat until I get my brothers call...
i didnt do much today, when out for lunch with a friend, then went to the library and went shopping at target and pumpkin patch.

Sounds like fun! I really need to go get winter stuff for B, he is still in shorts he has had since he was 3 months old (they're adjustable) and he's worn out the knees!! He has such a tiny waist

skyla has a tiny waist too. she is still in size 0. and sometimes the waist of a size 0 is a bit lose on her. she is 2. daniel on the other hand is always growing and is almost a size 1 and he is 9 months old. he is almost as tall as her too.

I'm not the only one awake
its amazing how different babies can be. My nephew is 6 months and in the same size as brayden but he has just started crawling so who knows!!!

Brayden is almost walking now! Yay!!

yeah i know. its good that braydon is almost walking. i am off to bed talk to you another night.


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