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I am doing what I said I would NEVER do again.... Lock Rss

I am clucky.


DD will be 2 on Friday, and I thought the day would never ever come back when I felt that nagging desire.......

I have this year and next year left of my studies and can't have one until that's done.

What's up with womens hormones???!!?!?!?!?!

ahhh, natuers taking its course, and obviously you are not done childbearing yet!!! i think its wonderful.
I know how you feel - Im clucky too!

And I really don't want to go through it all again, but I can't help but wonder. The mere sight of a baby sends me into a spin of happiness at the moment!


no idea, I have been clucky as hell since DD was 2 weeks old...
and the hormone thing - I cried at the school assembly this morning when they were singing the school song. Blubbering mess!
i know that feeling... i'm so clucky too and i have one year left of my studies...

dh and i are ttc so if i fall preganant i'm going to find it hard studying, with the morning sickness thing...

oh well its what i want
Erynn turns 2 on friday as well Chalys and I understand with the cluckyness. I reckon its something in a womens DNA make-up that says DD is longer a bubby so you need to have another!!!!

Hugs to your little one for friday

dd is 2.5 and i have been clucky since she was 2 too im waiting to have surgery it it ever happens

Did anyone have a better time with their second than with their first??

I have not let myself want because of the awful time a went through with DD - she didn't sleep for more than 30 mins day and night until she was 4 months old and I was considering finishing myself off - My hubby and parents decided to move me in with the parents as I was incapable of helping myself anymore.

I'm so scared to go back to that black hole again - I can't believe I would even consider another one let alone want one!

just think how SUPER clucky you will be in 2 years time and how much more exciting having another will be.
I think the second one is easier in some ways because you have realistic views and not so deluded into thinking that when you have a baby, it will be perfect and you will have the best sleeper feeder etc, so from that angle, you know what you would be in for...worst case scenario, you have a baby the same as your first, best case, you gert a placid baby with no problems and is happpy to sleep etc. I did find however the second was a bit of a shock for a few months, just juggling my timebetweent he 2 kids, and hubby and work, but once that was sorted thigs flowed really well. it is more the adjustment, but if you can prepare a lttle then i think the second one is a lot easier to deal with. Sounds like you had a really rrough time the first time around, understandably making you cautious about another
I feel it so bad atm! One of my best friends had a baby yesterday and he is so cute, they had to practically pry him out of my arms! lol!
Lily turns 2 next month sad I didn't realise how Big she was (my baby!!) until I had a 12 hour old newborn in my arms.

Brooke was my first and an absolute angel. Lily was my second and sometimes a complete nightmare. HOWEVER- I was always so stressed worrying about Brooke and not enjoying it. With Lily the books were packed away and I just enjoyed being a mum knowing roughly what to do and not stressing!

I am more than happy to help out my friend and get my baby 'fix' off her!! lol
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