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What can i do?

Stupid 3 have drained my bank account once again and im now stone broke... i have $1.15 in my purse and 3 wont return the money until the "matter is looked into" (they did this before just before xmas... they keep taking money from my account yet i cancelled the direct debit!) and will take AT LEAST 14 working days to assess why it was taken out and then another 3 - 4 weeks to return the funds! I hate them!

What do i do?

I dont get ftb till next thurs and DH didnt work today so no pay (he gets paid cash of course with tax taken out) cos today is payday. Normally id tell him to go in and get it anyway but there isnt enough petrol in the car, nor $10 to catch the train!

I have enough nappies to tie us thru till saturday when he works again, i have 1/2 pk of wipes, 2 litres of milk, loaf of bread, no meat, no veges, a lil fruit, 1 roll of toilet paper, and dead set only $1.15 in cash! Asked my mum to borrow a lil cash due to the idiots at 3 taking all my money, but she cant spare any, MIL cant either, and so im stuck! I cant ask my grandad cos a) he is so upset, and b) if i did ask him i cant drive an hour to go get it due to no petrol!

HELP! im not in the right frame of mind for this crap today and im so so tired i cant think!
Contact centrlink for an advance on the FTA payment? Worth a shot.
can u get one of those 500 dollar loans form centrelink id ring them up see if they can do anything to help

forgot to add... cant get an advance payment cos i have a small debt still remaining... ($300 i think) from a muck up when i was at tafe... school put me in the system as PT instead of FT and i lost my reciept for the fees i paid so i had to pay back a heap of youth allowance.

i so dont need this crap today! i hate 3!

is it the salvos that can give you the coles vouchers? Maybe give them a call to find out. You might be able to get a voucher to cover the necessaties. If its not them they may know who.
what are those $500 loans called?
Well hubby may have to get a lift or ride a bike ot work to get the pay. Can he get it tomorrow? You might be able to last til then, if you hunt throught the pantry for a meal (baked beans are good).
I think you need to ring your bank and tell them what has happened with 3. They can actually "ban" the company from taking any further money from your account.

I am with Westpac and they have done that for me before.
DH cant ride... a) we have no bike! b) he works in the city... it could take him god knows how long to get there! We live an hours drive away fro the city!

apparently the centrelink website says i cant get the advance payment cos i have the debt.

and he cant get it 2moz cos we will still have the same prob as today.. no way to get there!
i cant remember but i used to get them before i had kids you can get one a year if u ring and ask maybe they will take out your debt and u will still haev 200 or say u will pay half the debt and ull have more to get by. im pretty sure it is just called a 500 dollar loan

the bank just keeps saying to me (cos ive tried this already after the last time) that i should "keep track of what direct debits i have authorised to be debited from the account" even tho i didnt authorise it!
i think ill give em a call
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