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I was raised as a Catholic but lost my faith when I was growing up. I'm still indecisive about what I really believe. As a result my children were never baptised because as my sister pointed out, it is hypercritical to baptise them and then not take them to church. I agree. What do others believe.
It is worrying me a little about which school to send my daughter to. Catholic or other. Most children at Catholic schools will make their communion and confirmation. My daughter would feel left out. As I was growing up we were constantly being reminded about being good christians etc. at school. I'm glad I was brought up that way. I'm very interested in others opinion.
We are not catholic, but are actually thinking of sending our children to a catholic or christian private school. Basically beacuse we are disappointed with the public system as it is atm.
We have not baptised our children either, but as time passes, I wish we had them done - not sure why - I just do!
I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say as well..
I guess you could always ask what percentage of students at your local Catholic school are actually Catholic (it varies quite a bit) and make your decision with that in mind... those that aren't Catholic won't be doing First Communion and Confirmation so your child(ren) wouldn't be the odd ones out.

None of my children are baptised...yet. We intend on having them all done in one go soon,lol. I don't think it is hypocritical to have a child baptised if you don't not go to church though. There are many ways to be spiritual and honour your beliefs that are not confined to attending church every Sunday. I think spirituality and faith is more of a behaviour and does not or should not require a certain amount of church attendance to be real and of value....that is just my opinion though.
neither of my boys have been baptised and wont be. they can make that choice for themselves when they are ready. i taught at a catholic school and about 50% students were not catholic. only a few teachers weren't catholic (me! + one other), but i was approved by the diocese to teach, but would have to have completed formal scripture/religous studies to become permanat (but i was happy to be just casual at that time).
we dont have much choice in my area for schools (only one NOT public, and that one has a bad name)

Thanks for the quick replies. It's great to get other opinions. Some good points made. Hope to hear more.
I think it needs to be the choice that your child will one day make.

You pointed out that you had the Catholic faith pushed on you your entire growing up life - do you think that's why you turned away from it?

Not making judgments here by any means, I too believe in God but I intend to let my child know everything that I know, but also let her know that it is her decision to make, not mine.

I thought Catholic schools required the child/ren to be baptised before enrolment? I could be wrong but this was the case when I was younger.
my kids are baptised catholic and my son goes to the local catholic school. I specifically choose this school because of the religious education as well as the high standard of mainstream education it provides. My son is in kindy and has already visited the chapel and learnt a few church songs he did not yet know. we do attend church sometimes and he knows about god, jesus, heaven and praying through his home life but does definatly understand it more now that he is exposed to it at school. Catholic schools do provide a religious education just through everyday things - for instance the lunch bell is a song about jesus loving children.. so unless you want your children exposed to this i would rethink the catholic school. But yes there are many children who are not catholic who go to catholic school and learn about such things anyway.. In the end choosing school for your child is a big decision. good luck.

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Posted by: possums
I thought Catholic schools required the child/ren to be baptised before enrolment? I could be wrong but this was the case when I was younger.

These days it isn't necessary, but priority for places IS given to practicing Catholics, (I used to have a lot to do with Catholic Education in my past life - pre-children!) and all the ins and outs are determined by the Principal & Parish Priest amongst others...
not sure exactly, but i think catholic schools take catholic kids first, and fill up with the others! personally i think it is pointless. being baptised doesnt make you catholic (eg. doesnt mean you regularly go to church or even believe in god). i just plan to raise good kids with good family values which beats the behaviours of lots of catholic people i know! i just find religion (or the majority of those that follow it) to be hypocritical.
each to their own.

certain denominations of the christian faith hav erules about baptism and communion and confirmation

so some will allow rebaptism and some only recognise the original baptism

but have further steps individuals can take when they are choosing to follow there faith

i don't think it is hypocritical to have a child baptised if you are not attending church
and the church should lay out what they expect from you for baptism
so if you decided to have it then you look at the request from the church and decide if you can in all faith carry out the requirements

as for going to a catholic school when you are not a catholic i dont think giving your children the education you deem best for them has any thing wrong with it but again the schools will have guidelines and you decide if you can follow them or if they suit your children

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