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Hello. I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas of what I can make for my children, that they can play with. I made them some playdough yesterday and they loved it. Now I am wnating to make more things for them to enjoy smile It can't be too messy as my children are only young.

Thank you

I love you guys, Samantha, Elizabeth and Rebekkah

Hi Julia what about cutting some potatos into different shapes and then dip it into paint and put it onto paper...

You could get some cardboard and paint/draw on it and make hats/crowns.

Put glue on some paper and make collages, doesnt have to be anything flash.

You could put pasta in plastic bottles and make music.

You could tread the pasta onto string and make necklaces.

You could blow bubbles for them!! My kids just love that!

Dress ups, dancing to kids music ie wiggles/Hi5.

Also we found that our kids loved to help with making things even if its just pretend. We get out a plastic mixing bowl and wooden spoon and let them have a great time with it. We also make piklets and cheap packet mix cake and let them to help where they could (depend on age). We also find they love to decorate the cakes.. certainly makes for some mess and interesting combinations but they just love it.

Have fun!
at play group the kids made kites just cut the bottom out from a brown paper bag they then decorate the kite with bits of paper, stickeres glitter etc attach a couple of tails ans a string to pull it along attach the string to the one open ends of the bag so the wind goes thru the bag making it"fly"

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

A non messy way to let your littlies enjoy paint, especially the texture without mess is to put paint into a glad seal bag and then use masking tape to attach to table. You may need to supervise if older toddler like to open things, but hey, no mess to clean up afterwards.

Also works great to teach older toddlers and preschoolers about secondary and tertiary colours. Just put the two colours as best you can to each side of the bag and as they play with it, it mixes and wow they made a secondary colour!!!

Jo, DD 7yrs dance addict; little man 13 months

Paint -

Easter projects -

lots and lots of activites for toddlers -


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