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iPod Help...Again! Lock Rss

So I finally worked out how to use my iPod thanks to you very helpful Huggies ladies! However, DF now has an iPod and I don't know how to set it on the computer so that it won't delte all my songs next time I sync it if you know what I mean?
The sales chick at the shop said that you can do it as long as you give the 2 iPods different names which I did but I still only have 1 iTunes library thing! What do I do???!!!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

You need to add Playlists.

Go to FILE
then down to NEW PLAYLIST
Name it whatever you want.

Then go to Library and click on the songs you want (use ctrl or shift if its a lot) then drag them to the playlist.

Very easy!

I share my itunes with my sister and we put ours in our own folders to make it even easier.

again FILE
(I called mine my name..)

Then drag the Playlists (the icon is like a page with a note) into your folder.

Now connect your ipod. If it doesn't do it straight away click on the picture of it.
Go to the tabs at the top and click MUSIC.
Choose the option SELECTED PLAYLISTS, then tick your folder.

Then go down to the bottom (next to the capacity bar) and press SYNC and thats it!

Now plug in DFs Ipod and do it again! lol

As you get the hang of it you can add more playlists to your folders, I have 5 atm, I have the kids songs in one, loud gym/bass songs in another, In one I have the entire library, another has just metal, punk and rock.

My sister has even more! It really does get easier the more you use it.
If you still need help or if you have other ipod Q ask here and/or pm me.

[Edited on 26/02/2009]
Oh thank you so much! I haven't done it yet as I have to go out shortly but as soon as I get a chance I will give it a go! Nothing works for me first time so you will probably receive a PM from me soon! lol, thanks again.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

We have 3 ipods on our one itunes account. When you connect the new ipod you go through the registration bit online etc and then you just create a playlist or autofill it with the music you want. It will not effect the music that is on your ipod or delete it, itunes syncs with the indivudal ipods when they are connected and recongise the different ipods and their content etc. I usually just create a playlist for DH's and DD's ipod and fill their ipod from it. Mine is a larger capacity one which holds all our 4000 plus songs so it just has them all on it.
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