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I don't want to start a debate... just wondering how many mums have had their sons circumcised and how many haven't. I wanted to start a poll but saw you cannot do that.

(asking because I want to make an educated decision)


Renee 27 NZ, Abby DOB 12.5.04 Sophie DOB 9.9.06


I have 2 boys and they are both uncircumcised, our decision not to get them done was basically i thought it was totally unnecessary and painful. I went with a friend when her child was done before i had my children and he was sound asleep and peaceful and then wham out came the scapel and he screamed, now i'm sure they have absolutely no recollection of the pain etc but i don't know to me it just seems cruel, but this is my own opinion formed on past experience and if other people choose to get their boys done then thats totally up to them, but until Drs can give me a medical reason to be done then our next baby if it is a boy will also not be done.

I think this is one of those hot topics where people never seem to agree so all i can say is do what is right for your child and yourself!!!

Hi There
I have one son and he is uncircumcised.
We are close enough to about three families with boys to know that their boys are also uncircumcised, and one family with a boy who is circumcised.

James' Mum

1 son uncircumsised.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

one son and 4nephews all are circumcised. i have read a poll about this and even though children arent getting circumcised as much it is more to do with having to pay the money and most public hostpital not doing it than any think else.
3 uncircumised boys 1 hubby circumsised

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I have one son - he's not circumcised. All the best in making your decision smile
Hi there,

I have an 8 month old boy not circumcised,my hubby is,(child of the 70's) and he wanted him to be done....But I am from the Uk where it was never the done thing there.

None of my family members or friends were circumcised and never had any problems...

My hubby said it would be better for him in keeping clean etc etc,....But I think as long as you teach them to clean them selves they should have no problem....

If they decide when they are older to get it done then at least they can have some drugs to dull the pain,because they give nothing to a baby (ouch),and yes they might not remember but I certainly would!!

My final arguement with my hubby was an article I had read written by a childrens docter who could see no reason for circumcision,....He wrote.." if we were to chop off any other part of our babies bodies, we would be locked up!!!..."

Good luck with deciding.......kaz

kaz QLD,14.05.98 girl,05.07.05 boy....

hi ren hen
i was going to get my first son done the whole tim i was pregnant then was told exactly how it was done and couldnt go through with it.with my third child (2nd son) it wasnt really something i thought about i just it wasnt being long asthey are shown how to wash and dry it there should be no problems.there is no need topull the skin back untill they are years older sure you will make the best decision for you and your son.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

1 son, and partner not circumcised, seems to barbaric and sore, poor lil fellas, but thats my opinion, so its up to the individual.. ..

Renee, NSW, mother of 2

Hi Renee

I'm due in June 06 and if it's a boy I'm not getting him circumcised. My husband is a child of the 70's and is circumcised, he is not fussed.

My sister has two boys, 8 and 4 and when she had her first boy she was wondering the same thing, and upon speaking to other mothers in her area, one had her son done and he was the only boy in his grade at school that was circumcised - he felt different to the other boys when changing in the changing rooms....

Good luck on your decision, I agree with some of the other mothers that they do look better being done but if that's the only reason.....?????


Emma, mum to Aanika 1 yr

Bit late in the post but my son got circumsised, i was not going to but a month before i had him a family friend which was 47 yrs old had to get done and he was in so much pain for like 6 weeks and it cost them so much i thought atleast at this age he will forget about it in like 10 minutes which he did.
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