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Do i need a new mattress for each baby? Lock Rss

You know how they say if you buy a second hand cot and mattress or crib and mattress to always buy a new mattress do they say to buy a new mattress for each of your own children?? ( god that alot of mattrass! sorry lol)

I spoke to my mum about it today and she says not to just to use our kirby and give it a good vacume...

What did you do???

Mum had 5 kids but had new cots for each as she always thought she would have no more LOL!! So we all had brand new but not on purpose.

I have used the same mattress for all 3 of my children. I guess its up to the indvidual.
My sister and I have used the same cot for all 4 of the kids...
Age 9, 7 (my sisters) then age 5 and 17 months (my 2).

I have just given it a good clean and airout beforehand...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

i used eactly the same furniture for my 2 boys when they were born!

The same cot, the same mattress, the same tall boy, the same change table!

I just bought different linen, lamps, pictures for the wall to make it differnet.

Even now, we have just recently put Ds2 into a bed, and I have got the rooms with the same furniture, just different linen, pics and that sort of thing, thats coz they are bunks tho, so if they are ever in the same room it all matches. My (ex) SIL thought that they should be completely different, but the cosmetic stuff makes them different, and the boys will put their own personality into them as they grow up.

I gave dd's mattress a good soak in peroxide and aired it out for DS... good as new smile

our cot and mattress has been through 3 children. It has always had a mattress protector on it tho.
they recommend a new mattress due to findings involving SIDS. so i guess its what u feel comfy doing. we have bought a new mattress for the bassinette but are just getting the cot mattress professionally cleaned

DD's mattress was used for my 3 cousins before her.

DS has a new mattress because DD is in a toddler bed which uses her cot mattress.
Thanks for the replys. I guess we will be using the one DS used. It still looks like brand new as i also use a protector and 2 sets of sheets.


i used the same cot and mattress for both of mine!
I'm due in 8 weeks and we just got a new mattress for the cot.
However our reason for this is cos DD is still using her cot mattress in the toddler bed.

AND, we don't know what sex this baby is and are waiting till IT is born before we buy DD a BIG Bed. smile

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