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Kids and takeaway Lock Rss

Staaria's response in another thread got me thinking about kids and takeaway.

If you get takeaway, do you cook your kids their own meal and wait for your kids to be in bed before eating your take away, or do you all eat take away?

What do you usually get? Do you run around to multiple take away places to accommodate for what everyone wants?

When the kids were a bit smaller (when the oldest was around 2), we used to wait until he went to bed for takeaway, and get something really good like chinese, that he normally wouldn't eat. Nowadays if we get takeaway, it's more often than not pizza or fish and chips, and the kids eat it too. We live out of town, so if we get takeaway, we usually plan it around trips to town. We usually just get the one meal.

What about you?

we eithe rhave maccas or fish andchips and their is enough on their menu's to feed the kids
if we have pizza they have one slice but usually end up asking for fruit they haven't got the taste for pizza yet
if we have kfc someone else has to be paying and again there is enough on the menu for them

they eat what we eat no matter what
when we only had the one she was on icecubes of food precooked and zapped in the oven the second ate anything and everything and the first was at that stage eating the same as us so from then on they all atre waht we ate

We get takeaway only if everyone in our house wants something.
We occasionally get chinese, but its really a luxury as it is expensive. The girls try a bit of what everyone is getting.

Today I am not going to be home when the girls get home from daycare (my sister is bringing them home) so I said she could stop and get them a happy meal.

Whenever we do get something it is from the same place.
they eat what i eat unless they ask for different... eg. we were having roast the other day and olivia wanted macaroni cheese and an apple and orange instead... so i gave it to her.
When we get takeaway the kids normally eat what we are having.

If the ex (when we were still married) was going to be home late then I would feed the kids & he would pick up take away on the way home

If we were all eating together we would all have takeaway & we would NOT run around to different places

I have healthy meals in our freezer for my toddler at all times. If we have maccas (which is an hour away so not very often lol) my DS has a happy meal and he thinks he is in heaven!! lol. But if we are having pizza i get out one of DS's frozen dinners as he doesn't like pizza much anyway.
Until recently I would give DS something else if we had takeaway - yoghurt & a banana or something like that. We try not to ahve takeaway often, but generall we either have hungry jack's or KFC.

HJ's - DS will have some of our chips and then some fruit, KFC - he loves popcorn chicken, we ask for chips without seasoning & he steals potato & gravy smile tries to steal coleslaw also, everytime, even though he hates it & spits it out, everytime lol.
we get take away once a fortnight we either get pizza, fish & chips or chinese DD has only just recently started having what we have on take away night and she has just turned 2.

We all eat the same Take Away most of the time. Too expensive otherwise for everyone to eat different meals.
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