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A friend of mine is claiming single parenting payment (she is not single, she lives with her boyfriend who has a stable job). She gets $990 per fortnight from centrelink, and was whingeing to me the other day, that she's only going to get another $100 a fortnight when she starts studying (I don't get a thing!). She is constantly crying poor, complaining about how far in debt they are. Mind you she has her nails done fortnightly, her hair done every other week, and they just bought a brand spanking new Outlander. I don't know what the boyfriend earns, but he works full time, so if he's getting minimum wage (which is around the $550 mark these days?) they are living off around $1045 per week (ok give or take.) I really can't understand how she has the hide to complain. My DH earns a little more than that a week, and we have a mortgage, plus thousands in Debt, and we still manage.

Sorry, more a whinge than anything. It's great to hear that there are some out there who are greatful for what they get ( I know I am!) Not like those who rort the bloody system!

Posted by: Chiliwoman
some feel that it is their god given right - they pay tax they get a say.

I dont get single payments but i get some assistance from centrelink as my DF doesnt earn much, i pay tax on what i get from the government, and i would presume alot of people would do this also, so we arent just living off "tax payers money".
Freedom of speech is all good, but to me, you are saying that people who get assistance should kiss the ground that "working tax payers" walk on, and they arent as good as them either, but again, thats just my opinion
Wow, i didnt think that this would turn nasty or into a fight, I was just saying that the government does pretty well by single mothers considering what they recieve is a close equvilent to a working persons wage. Other countries sont pay anything, or if they do its in the form of food stamps etc.

And as i choose not to have debts- car loans, credit cards, etc, then i can live quiet conformtably on the money that i will get.

Hmmm I would check that amount if I was you. I am on single parent pension and I am very grateful that the government gives it to me but I only pay $210wk rent and that is 1/2 of what I get from Centrelink so the other half pays for all the bills, food, petrol, car rego & insurance etc. I can tell you right now that it's very tight. Those single mums that are out getting their hair and nails done and buying alcohol and cigarettes are either not paying their bills or have other money coming from elsewhere. Come back here in a couple of months and let us know how comfortably you are living on the single parent pension, I will be very interested to know how you do. I also put my dd into daycare but only on a casual basis if I really need to do something and it costs me (with my big discount) $11 a day whether it is for 1/2 hr or all day.

no no
put it back into the context of the entire post!
then re-read
what i said was that SOME people feel this way - not i feel this way & that as we have freedom of speech legislation this will allow society to always make their views known - whatever the subject.

Please dont take a few words out of context of a whole conversation - you just look like you are fishing for an argument when you do this.

Posted by: bothboys

And as i choose not to have debts- car loans, credit cards, etc, then i can live quiet conformtably on the money that i will get.

& that right there is the key to everything - people living within their means.

Im not looking for an argument at all... Wouldnt waste my breath......
Just like you, i am stating my opinion........

The End
I don't have any debts either. I have a credit card for emergencies but there is no debt on it.

And Kel's daughter wears beautiful party dresses!

Posted by: I.Love.My.Lil.Man
Im not looking for an argument at all... Wouldnt waste my breath......
Just like you, i am stating my opinion........

The End

keep your comments & opinions within the context of the conversation or post - as happens so very often on this site people pick & choose what they want to hear/read without reading the entire thread from start to finish & make a comment without being informed. They make a comment based on what they think is happening & then it turns into an all in brawl.

Posted by: Bugaboosmum

And Kel's daughter wears beautiful party dresses!

Hehe, my son always wore the latest gear too, Billabong, DC, Etnies etc and never paid over $6 for any of it. You can get some great bargains in the op shops and swap meet. I got dd a brand new pair of Pumpkin Patch black hi top sneakers from an op shop last week for 50c.

Hey bothboys,

I think it's great that you appreciate what you get. And good on your for studying, i think what you're doing is fantastic.

I see why people can get so angry as I too know a person who's partner brings home About $900 after tax a week and then she gets about $1400 from centrelink claiming SINGLE parenting a fortnight that's parenting/FTB and pension oh and rent assistance. Now that really PINGS me off because that's works out to be $3200 a fortnight which is so not fair...

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