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How is it Lock Rss

I would like to know how some parents on SPP can get that much money? And if they pay tax?

I am getting the basic - not much left over after bills, food, rent etc.

Plus when you get that much do you pay tax? Im sure you will go over threshold?

I don't get how it works as I am a single sahm with 5 boys & only get $150 more than you

I survive & yes some weeks are harder than others but the kids always have food, clothes & a house with all the furniture they need to survive (bed etc) & once a month I get to pamper my self ($50 to get my nails done) & as some of you on FB know I had my toes done this week as well (got extra child support cause he paid some of the arrears)

That payment you get now will be cut back in 13 weeks as centrelink assume your ex will be paying child support & even if he doesn't they still cut your payments back (well they did to me anyway)

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